Mattress Size Chart With Comparisons

If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress, you might have stumbled upon several size names that you may or may not be familiar with. In this little guide, we will offer you some information about the most common sizes of beds and mattresses you’d encounter in the US. Do note that these measurements and dimensions apply only to US and Canada manufacturers, as in the UK/Europe, as well as Asia, these can be slightly different. Be careful if ordering a mattress from a manufacturer outside the US, and don’t hesitate to contact them about the exact dimensions of their product. A UK King is not the same as a US King.

When choosing a new mattress, there are two main concerns you should take into consideration:

1. That it’s comfortable enough for you, or you and your partner, to lay down and move around comfortably. It’s always safer to go for a unit that is bigger than you would prefer than a smaller one – with a bigger mattress, the back pains, pits and motion transfer issues will not be a problem.

2. That it fits in the allocated space in the room or an existing bed frame you have. If you’re furnishing an entirely new house or apartment, or you’re buying a bed frame and mattress combo, you only need to take the space issue into consideration.

In the US and Canada, the most common bed and mattress sizes are:

1. Twin
Unlike the name might suggest, this size is the classic choice for one person and is known in the UK and Europe as a Single. Most manufacturers make it 38” wide and 74” long. However, some make it 39” x 75”, so make sure you check the listing very carefully if you already have a twin bed frame. This size is perfect for children, as well as adults that are no taller than 5.5”. Anyone taller than that will probably find a Twin size restrictive.

2. Twin XL
All sizes up to Queen come in Standard and XL size. The Twin XL measures 38” in width and 80” in length, making it ideal for a taller person. Grace to the 6” difference, this one can easily accommodate a single adult who is up to 6.6” tall. A rule of thumb is to have a 6” allowance between the person’s height and the length of the bed. Much like its smaller brother, the Twin XL can be found in a 39” width variation.

3. Full
The American Full size is somewhat similar to the UK Double, that presumes that this mattress is enough to support two people. However, that is debatable, since it measures 54” in width and 75” in length; divide that by 2, and you get roughly 27” of space for each person, which is not nearly enough for a comfortable sleep. However, it’s a great option for singles who prefer to have more room to roll around. This side would best suit someone who is under 6 feet tall.

4. Full XL
Much like the Twin XL, this size adds 6” to the Full size’s length, accommodating it for taller people. It measures 54” x 80”, and is still considered a single bed size.

5. Queen
The Queen is one of the most popular mattresses and bed sizes, as it works well for both singles and couples, without cramming two sleepers too tight. A standard Queen sized bed measures 60” in width and 80” in length, yet this is the size where manufacturers tend to stray away from these numbers the most. Make sure you always check with the seller or manufacturer that the Queen size you’re planning to buy measures exactly 60 x 80, otherwise you might find out that it doesn’t fit into the bed frame. The Queen Size is perfect for 6 feet tall people and generally, doesn’t have a shorter version. However, some manufacturers do offer hybrid sizes, such as Short Queen or Olympic Queen. Again, inquiring the seller about these sizes is the best idea, as they differ from company to company.

6. King
A King sized bed measures 76” in width and 80” in length. It’s the next most common pick for couples, after the Queen, and offers enough space for two people to sleep in whatever position they want. It’s probably the most common size you’ll see in hotels and most American houses. The length is identical to the Queen size, yet the extra width will certainly make a difference.

7. California King
The California King is the biggest standard mattress size in the US and Canada. It measures 72” in width and 85” inches in length, making it longer, yet less wide than the standard King size. It’s probably the next most popular pick for couples from this chart, as it offers a similar width, plus 5” of extra length. This makes it a great choice for people over 6 feet tall.

These are the seven most common mattress sizes in the US and Canada. What you have to remember is not to go below a Queen if you intend to share the bed with your partner, and pick an XL size or a California King if you’re over 6 feet tall.
Aside from these sizes, you’ll also encounter some alterations and hybrids, such as Short Queen, Olympic Queen, Eastern King and the like, which are always better to be bought in combination with a fitting bed frame, as it might be hard to find the right one afterward.

Also, if you’ve stumbled upon a British or European manufacturer, here’s a short table of the most common UK/EU mattress sizes:

Single – close to a US Twin size – 36” wide x 75” long
Double – close to a US Full size – 54” wide x 75” long
King – close to a US Queen size – 60” wide x 78” long
Super King – close to a US King size – 72” wide x 78” long

This would be the basic knowledge you need about mattress sizes. You’re now ready to hit the market in search of the perfect one for your needs!