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Latex vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

If you’re on the look for a new high-end mattress, the chances are that you’ve stumbled upon latex and memory foam padded ones. These two materials are some of the most popular choices for mattresses nowadays and are also considered two of the healthiest alternatives. The other two options you have are innerspring mattresses and […]

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Make Your Air Mattress More Comfortable

So, how do you make your air mattresses more comfortable? Air mattresses can sometimes be a pain to sleep on. Unless they don’t come with some firmness customization, it’s highly likely that you’ll lay down on a mattress that is too firm and will wake up on an entirely different one, which is too soft […]

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How Do You Make a Mattress Firmer? We Find Out

A soft, saggy and unsupportive mattress might be the worst nightmare for those who need a sound night’s sleep every single day. This guide is here to present you some of the most popular and functional life hacks for turning a saggy mattress into a firm one. There are multiple reasons why mattresses can sag […]

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Can you put an air mattress on a bed frame?

If you’re tempted by the idea of getting an air mattress shortly, you’re probably assuming that you’re going to place it on your existing bed frame. Besides checking that the size of the mattress fits the size of the bed frame, you’ll have to ensure some extra support between the two, as air mattresses do […]

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How To Sell a Used Mattress – What To Know

Some situations in life may call for selling your mattress. For instance, you’re moving all of a sudden due to work or other circumstances, you found an excellent deal for purchasing a new mattress, or just want to change yours because it doesn’t work well for your preferences and sleeping patterns. In these cases, your […]

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How Long Do Mattresses Last?

Buying a new mattress is probably not one of the things you would put on your agenda unless it were for a severe problem, such as a metal spring poking out of the cover. Many people prefer to postpone the purchase of a new mattress, even when it means compromising the quality of their sleep […]

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