Best Memory Foam Mattresses – The Ultimate 2017 Guide

Mattresses are certainly the most important things when it comes to getting a relaxing night’s sleep. They are there to support our aching backs, while at the same time offering the just-right level of softness to help us relax and unwind. The feeling you get from laying on a mattress depends on its padding material, and, in this guide, we’re going to introduce you to one of the most popular materials available on the market – memory foam. To help you out, we’ve put together a little top-10 of the best memory foam mattresses available on Amazon. Besides that, at the bottom of this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to choose the best memory foam mattress for yourself. Scan through it and find the perfect one for your budget and needs.

Top Rated Memory Foam Mattresses

1. Lucid Plush 14

Lucid Plush 14Starting off with a great deal for the price – the Lucid Plush 14 Mattress. This unit is a combination material memory foam mattress, which makes it one of the healthiest alternatives when it comes to bedding material. It consists of three layers, which create a both plushy and sustainable feel. The first tier, the comfort one, is made from gel-infused memory foam, which does not retain excessive heat and curves pleasantly, following the natural contours of the body, The next one is a bamboo plant-based memory foam level, which is sturdy and provides extra support for the back. The last layer is a high-density base one. All of these are held together by a Tencel blend cover, which is soft and smooth to the touch and helps keep the sheets in place. Grace to this combination of materials, the mattress doesn’t get overly hot and does not give off an unpleasant smell either. You can also feel better about yourself if you choose this unit, as your household will be one mattress closer to saving the planet.

On to more serious issues, this model comes in a variety of different US sizes, from Twin to California King. It’s a great deal regarding the price/quality balance. The thickness of the mattress is 14”, so it’s more on the thick side. This is probably not the best option for a folding bed. It is also rather firm, so if you like a softer bed, where you can drown in the softness of the mattress, this would probably not be the best choice for you.

The mattress also features tiny air holes all throughout the layers and the fabric cover, so as to allow the air to freely circulate and avoid the formation of dust mites and other allergens. This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified as being safe and durable as well, so you can rest assured that the purchase is a safe bet.

Lucid Plus 14 also comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer. Check out the latest price here:

2. Eve Mattress

Eve MattressThe Eve Mattress boldly labels itself the “world’s most comfortable mattress”, and it probably isn’t too far from the truth. It comes in a variety of sizes – from the smallest Twin-size to the massive California King one. The mattress itself offers a 25cm cushion comprised of three layers of memory foam, which ensure that you get the perfect balance of bounciness, softness, and support for your back and joints.

This unit comes with free delivery around the US, as well as a 100-day free home trial, so you can always send it back with no hassle if you don’t feel like it’s the right choice for you. However, we guarantee you that it’s one of the best choices out there on the market – even customers have expressed that sleeping on it is an experience similar to “sleeping on a cloud.”

However, you might want to check out other offers first if you think you prefer a softer bed over a sturdy one. Due to the combination of memory foam and high resilience foam in this product, you will probably find it to be firmer that what you would expect.

The product comes with a 10-year warranty from the Amazon seller, so you don’t even have to contact the manufacturer separately. Shop the latest price for the Eve Mattress here:

3. Leesa Mattress

LeesaThe Leesa Mattress is a very popular pick for couples, as it comes in the most popular sizes, and has just the right balance between firmness and softness, one that works well with almost anyone’s preferences. These mattresses are designed and patented in the USA, so you’ll get the best out of the buck you’re paying. Speaking of price, the Leesa is a mid-range product. Besides Queen, you have the whole range of sizes from Twin to California King.

The mattress is made from a combination of materials, which includes Avena and memory foam. The memory foam comprises the top layer, which ensures that the mattress molds itself to the person’s body shape and the Avena provides the right amount of support for the back and joints. The combo also ensures excellent ventilation, which is always a plus for bedding material. The Leesa Mattress is known to be a fresh and sturdy mattress, which reduces motion transfer to the minimum. This means that you can have your partner twist and toss just a few inches away from you, and you’ll probably feel no movement on the mattress. Avena is a much better quality material than latex, both regarding durability and bounciness, but it also is dense enough to prevent motion transfer. It’s also eligible for Amazon’s 100-night trial, where you can test to see if you like it and return it anytime within those 100 days if it’s not your cup of tea.

Check out the latest price and additional details for the Leesa Mattress here:

4. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13

DreamFoam BeddingYet another similar product, the DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13 is 100% made in the USA memory foam mattress that will suit even the pickiest customer’s tastes. Much like any other unit we included in this top, this one comes in all sizes from Twin to California King.

The mattress is comprised of 3 layers – a 3” inch of 4lb gel-infused memory foam top layer, 2” of 5lb memory foam, and a 8” base from premium memory foam. This makes for an overall height of 12” and a quite hard surface, despite the top comfort layer being quite wide. The high density of the layers ensures a proper support for all the body parts, which makes this mattress an option worth considering for those who struggle with lower back or joint pains. The gel-infused top layer will keep the mattress from retaining excessive heat as well.

The mattress comes with a 20-year warranty so that you can shop this product with peace of mind – it’s meant to last you at least that much without any problems. It is also CertiPUR-US certified as being free of dangerous chemicals and safe for your health. The company even assures that the mattresses are only compressed for a short period to minimize outgassing, so you won’t have to deal with any unpleasant smells either.

Shop for the latest price for this mattress here:

5. Dynasty Mattress Luxury Grand

Dynasty Luxury GrandAn excellent choice for those who are on a budget, but still looking to get a bit of that high-end, luxury feeling for their bedroom. The Dynasty Mattress Luxury Grand comes in two sizes – King and Queen and has a very sophisticated aspect as well. While aspect might not be the first thing you’re looking for in a mattress, this one can’t leave you unimpressed – the brown suede sides and the golden crown model on it will offer your bed that expensive look. It also comes with a stretch-knit cover on top, which keep the bed sheets in place and provides additional softness and comfort.

The mattress is made from high-quality 5lb viscoelastic memory foam in combination with polyurethane for the base layer and Aeroflow foam for better air circulation. It measures 15 inches in height, being one of the thickest mattresses included in our top. On a scale of one to ten regarding firmness, this mattress scores around 6, being a right balance between softness and firmness.

A negative aspect of it is the strong chemical odor that customers have reported multiple times. It wears off after 6 to 8 weeks of sleeping on it, but you’ll have to deal with it if you opt for this mattress – after all, it’s viscoelastic.

Shop the latest price for this product here:

6. Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Sleep Innovations ShilohOne of the best prices included in our top, the Sleep Innovation Siloh is a product created by a new company on the market, yet it claims to provide the same quality as famous names. This mattress is made of two layers – a 2.5” comfort memory foam one and a 9.5” support base, making a whole of 12” in height. The size makes this mattress comfortably high and will provide enough support for your joints and back, as well as a decent level of softness. The wide comfort layer will make this a great choice for heavier people, providing that pleasant sinking sensation without the feeling hitting the hard, rock bottom of the base layer.

The Sleep Innovations Sinoh has a medium, 3lbs density, which makes it rather soft compared to other units we included in this top. It’s perfect for sleepers who toss and turn a lot in their sleep and will also work well for side sleepers, as a hard surface can sometimes be too much to handle for them.

This mattress comes in all the basic sizes, from Twin to California King, can have two cover variations to choose from – quilted and smooth. When it comes to temperature, the Sinoh is listed as neutral, and it might retain a bit too much heat if you’re residing in a hot and humid climate.

Overall, this unit is great for the money. You’ll get the equivalent of a high-end product, plus a 20-year warranty to have on hand, just in case something happens.

Check out the latest price and additional details for this product here:

7. Best Price Mattress Grand

Best Price Mattress GrandIf you want to go for an eco-friendly and healthy alternative, the Best Price Mattress Grand is an option worth checking out. The mattress consists of 4 different layers, all consisting of foam made from different plant and natural extracts – mainly green tea, active charcoal, bamboo fibers, and castor oil.

The comfort layer is a 1” premium memory foam one, followed by 2” of a plant-based support layer, infused with green tea extract, plus some two layers of base support. The overall height of the mattress is 12”, making it the perfect mid-height for the majority of bed frames out there. The natural green tea extract and the active charcoal make for an excellent all-natural odor protection, which doubles as an anti-bacteria growth feature. The cover on the mattress itself is made from bamboo fibers, which will keep allergies, rashes and skin irritations away.

The Best Price Mattress Grand is also CertiPUR-US certified, which proves that it’s free of harmful or toxic chemicals. As far as density goes, customers have rated this mattress as being medium to firm, which makes it perfect for back sleepers, and for those who need extra strong support for their backs and joints.

This unit is available in three sizes, from Queen to King and California King, and has a 10-year warranty that comes with it. Price-wise, it’s a pretty good deal, valuing just under 400 for all the sizes. It’s a inexpensive product, especially considering the natural materials it’s made from. We highly recommend this product if you want to “sleep green,” as the company’s slogan says, or, in other words, get restful AND healthy sleep. Check out more details about this mattress here:

8. Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel

Brentwood Home Bamboo GelBrentwood is one of the most reputable and well-known brands when it comes to bedding products. This mattress has a bit of a misleading name, as you’d think it’s made of plant-based memory foam; it’s not, but it is padded with the next best alternative – gel-infused memory foam. Thus, the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel is a great choice for those of you who live in warm and humid climates, as they will no retain the heat from the body and keep the surface of the mattress pleasantly fresh. The Bamboo in the name of the product stands for the bamboo fiber cover, which is a removable zipper one, lined with New Zealand Wool wicks moisture. This acts as an active odor-removing substance and also prevents bacteria from forming inside the mattress.

This unit comes in all sizes except Full XL, from Twin to California King. As for the height, you have two options with this mattress – either 11” or 13”. No matter which one you choose, these come with a gel memory foam layer at the top, a ventilated layer as the support one, and a 7.5” therapeutic support base.

Brentwood products take pride in being manufactured in California, as well as CertiPUR-US certified and delivered right to the customer’s door. Besides that, if you opt for this product, you’ll get a 25-year warranty to back up your purchase – just in case anything goes wrong in the long run.

Check out the latest price for this product here:

9. Sleep Innovation Shea

Sleep Innovation SheaA simple yet all-inclusive alternative, the Sleep Innovation Shea makes a great memory foam mattress for both heavy and small body types, as well as for back, side or stomach sleepers, regardless of their most comfortable sleeping positions.

The Sleep Innovation Shea is a rather thin mattress compared to others we’ve covered in our guide; it only measures 10” in height, and consists of only two layers. The Classic Comfort Top Layer measures 3” of SureTemp memory foam, and a 7” deep support bottom layer, made from extra firm memory foam. This mattress comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes, and is pretty reasonably priced as well.

Regarding temperature, this mattress is rated by the seller as being neutral instead of cooling, which means the standard foam inside of it might retain a bit more heat that what you’d normally wish for. If you live in a hot and humid climate, this mattress will probably not be the best option for you.

A nifty feature about this unit is that it comes with two pillows included in the package, as a little thank you gift from the seller. The mattress is made in the USA and comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Shop the latest price for this product here:

10. Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze

Dynasty Mattress Cool BreezeLast but not least, here’s another Dynasty mattress, which comes with an even sassier design than the previous one, and with more features to enjoy. This unit comes in all sizes that are available in the US, as well as custom sizes upon the customer’s request. The mattress itself consists of 4 layers: a top 3″ gel memory foam one, a 2″ State of the Art Cool airflow foam layer, and a 5″ high-density foam base layer. The uppermost comfort layer is made from gel-infused memory foam, which makes it a great option regarding temperature; the mattress will not get too hot, providing you with the ultimate relaxing sleep experience. The middle layer allows air to circulate through the mattress easily, discouraging the formation of bacteria and dust build-ups. Last but not least, the high-density memory foam makes for a sturdy base, which is always a plus for any mattress.

This unit measures 10” in height, being slightly thinner than most other mattresses in out top. While it might not be thin enough for folding it with a folding bed, it might work well with a high-profile bedframe, for which higher mattresses are too big.

The design of this mattress is luxurious as well –you have your brown suede edges, the golden crown logo, and the soft, white removable cover. The unit is CertiPUR-US certified and can be home tested for 30 night. If it isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can return it within this period.

Check out the latest price about this product here:

A Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for mattresses, you have to choose between latex padding, memory foam, metal springs, or alternative mattresses, such as inflatable or water ones. While air and water mattresses can be fun for a change or the summer months, they are not as durable and as comfortable as padded ones. As far as padded mattresses go, each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Metal springs are yesterday’s thing by now and were mostly used in the 20th century. They are notorious for breaking out through the sponge padding and showing through the mattress, making it physically impossible to sleep on it anymore. Nowadays, you can still find them, but the springs are way smaller and better isolated by extra layers. Metal spring mattresses can provide a lot of support but can be too sturdy and firm for some people’s tastes. Also, if your kids like jumping on the bed, it’s probably not going to be too bouncy, and the springs might pierce through from all the pressure.

2. Latex can be a great, but expensive alternative, being soft and super bouncy. However, it can trigger an allergic reaction for many people. If you suspect you might be allergic to latex, our suggestion is to try a latex-based pillow first (travel neck pillows are usually made from it), and then go for a mattress.

3. Memory foam is the most popular mattress padding material in the world right now. Thousands of people switch to this rather new-on-the-market invention that is ergonomic by definition. Memory foam is very pleasant to the touch, molding itself around the shape of the human body, while still preserving a sturdy and proper support for your back. The reason why it’s called memory foam is also pretty impressive – many companies advertise it is an intelligent material, that „remembers” the shape of one’s body, and provides the needed balance of softness and support for each person. Besides that, it provides the right amount of bounciness to the mattress, so you probably shouldn’t worry if your kids like playing on it – the mattress will be elastic enough to withhold the pressure. Also, it is not known to trigger allergies – at least not as much as latex, so it’s less likely that you’ll have any adverse reactions to memory foam.

Much like any other padding, memory foam mattresses come with separate layers to provide an optimal balance of comfort and support. Generally, there are three main layers – the comfort layer, the support layer, and the base layer, and some manufacturers may break these basic ones down into more. For instance, you can have a mattress with two support layers for a sturdier construction, and one with 2 comfort layers for a softer surface. Here are some basic facts about each layer that you need to know before hitting Amazon:

1. The comfort layer is the topmost one, which offers memory foam mattresses their unique ability of molding to the contours of the body. It works when entering into contact with body heat, recreating the shape. If you get up quickly, you can still notice the contours of your body and foam on the top layer getting back in its original form. Once this comfort layer cools down, it will gradually turn back to its original form, ensuring support. Grace to this ability of the material, you will feel an incredibly soft mattress when you first get in contact with it, which is always a pleasant sensation, but over time, it gets back to a strong, horizontal shape that is great for support. If you happen to switch positions or move during the night, the foam will give in again, seeming soft at first and getting back in shape after a while.The top layer is made from a very soft, temperature and pressure-sensitive material. The fact that it gets back in shape is guaranteed by the second layer…

2. The support layer. This one is made from a very sturdy and dense foam, which causes the soft top layer to push back up against the body after molding to its shape.

3. The base layer. This one is usually the thickest of all, and it can take about half or more of the mattress’s height. It’s also the most rigid of the three, providing support for both the body and the two or more top layers above it.

When choosing a memory foam mattress, you want to look for an optimal balance between the number of the first two layers. Some manufacturers will include two or more top layers for extra softness or two or more of the support layers for greater sturdiness. A rule of thumb to follow is to go for a 1 to 1 ration of these two – this way, the mattress will have the proper amount of both softness, but you won’t compromise a firm back support either. Some companies also include alternative layers, such as ventilation ones, which may be a good idea for avoiding the apparition of dust mites. Aside from these, there are a couple of things you have to look at when choosing the best memory foam mattress for your needs. They are:

Some might think that “the thicker the mattress, the better” statement works in all cases. However, this is not the case at all. It depends on a couple of factors. Think about what you’re planning to place it on. Is it a rigid bed or a foldable one? If it’s a foldable one, it’s way better to go for a thinner mattress, as it will make the folding process easier. If it’s a rigid, permanent bed, it’s a good idea to go for a thick mattress, as those will provide both the optimal height and comfort. Generally, thicknesses vary between 7 and 16 inches, so you have a huge range to choose from. An ultra-high bed might sound like a good idea, but be careful to not end up like the princess and the pea – a too high and too soft bed might hurt your back in the long run.

Mattress sizes can be found everywhere with a simple google search. In the US, we’re familiar with Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and California King sized mattresses, while in the UK and other parts of the world you may find notions like Double Sized, Super King, etc… The safest bet is to go for a simple chart graphic or to check out the measurement in the product listing itself.

A rule of thumb is: anything below Queen is probably too small for a fully grown adult to feel comfortable. Of course, you’ll also have to take into considerations the size of your bed if you already have one, to make sure that your mattress fits on it properly.

Foam type

While this is not necessarily a criterion you should be looking at, you need to know that there are different kinds of memory foam. Each of the offers certain advantages and disadvantages compared to the others, so let’s get you through the main types:

1. Viscoelastic, also known as Traditional Polyurethane, Standard, or Petroleum-Based. This is a type of synthetic material invented and patented by NASA and was commercially released as a mattress padding material. The majority of memory foam mattresses you’ll find on the web are made from this viscoelastic material, unlike the two other types listed below.
Advantages of the viscoelastic memory foam are excellent motion isolation, durability, pain relief, and wide availability on the market. This material makes a poor pressure conductor, which means that, even when sleeping next to you partner or child who might be moving a lot in their sleep, you won’t feel any disturbance on your side of the mattress (unless they kick you!). Viscoelastic foam is also very durable and available everywhere on the market – you can find both high-end and very cheap mattresses made from this material, and they will all have at least some 7-year lifespan. This type of foam is also one of the densest materials, which makes it a very sturdy support for your spine, lower back, and other needy areas.
Nonetheless, the viscoelastic foam is not all sugar and honey. It does have some serious disadvantages that have to cause the manufacturers to look for alternatives, such as the types below. Negative aspects of this material include off-gassing, increased heat retention, and a bacteria-prone environment. Off or outgassing stands for the release of an unpleasant smelling gas from the memory foam when coming in contact with body heat. It does go away after a couple of uses, but a lot of customers still complain about it. Viscoelastic foam also retains heat way better than other types, which can be a pro for those living in colder climates but will bother those living down south. Also, heat retention encourages the apparition and multiplication of dust mites – an issue that’s pretty standard with mattresses, and that can be solved by cleaning with chemicals and constant exposure to fresh air and direct sunlight. However, this is not an important issue, as memory foam is dense enough to be rather resistant to dust mite formation. Still, bacteria will have a much more optimal development if the mattress retains heat for a very long time.

2. Gel-infused. This kind of memory foam is viscoelastic infused with millions of microgel beads, whose only purpose is to solve the excessive heat retention issue. Grace to this, its advantages include moderate heat retention, meaning the mattress will get cool after a while and the person will be able to sleep more comfortably. Dust mites and bacteria are also not an issue anymore, yet this material is also known for outgassing. The smell is a bit different than the typical viscoelastic foam, but it will be there for a few days before it’s fully gone.
The gel beads’ action is a two-edged sword – on the one hand, it will make one’s sleep more comfortable by avoiding overheating, and on the contrary, it might feel too cold after a while of laying on it, especially if the temperature in the room is cool as well. Customers have reported that sleeping on these with a partner is very comfortable while sleeping alone in a cold room might not be the best experience. Take that into consideration for your choice of material.

3. Plant-based memory foam is the latest trend. The ecological and health-conscious trend has pretty much invaded all the aspects of our lives, and the mattresses we sleep on are not an exception. To make this material, scientists have replaced the petroleum or other chemical compounds found in standard memory foam with plant extracts. The plants can be anything from aloe vera, tea, soy, bamboo, etc… To help you avoid allergies if you have any, the manufacturer will usually specify the plant used for extracts.
This material is great as it solves most of the remaining issues of the viscoelastic and gen-infused foam. It is way superior in conducting heat, pressure, and movement, do not release any volatile organic compounds, has no chemical smell, and is way more healthy and eco-friendly than any of its predecessors. Plant-based memory foam does not retain heat, so your mattress will stay cool to pleasantly warm, and also bacteria-free. The problem with the chemical smells will be completely solved, as there are no chemicals involved, to begin with.
The only disadvantage of plant-based memory foam is the price and availability – as it’s a rather new product on the market, you’ll probably have some trouble finding it in stores or showrooms in your area. However, there’s plenty of them online, and we’re all about internet shopping, aren’t we?
There’s also the fact that plant-based stuff is always more expensive than chemically-produced. Nevertheless, if you want your household to be friendlier towards the environment, and you want the healthiest option for yourself, we recommend you look for a plant-based memory foam mattress.

4. Combined-material mattresses are becoming increasingly popular as well, as they combine all the advantages of separate materials into one, thus offering you the best of both (or all three) worlds.

Density determines how firm or soft your mattress is. Two main features indicate the firmness – density, which is measured in pounds, and IFM, which stands for Indentation Force Deflection.
IFM is not a very traditional measuring system, so few manufacturers will have the firmness of their mattresses displayed in such away. If you manage to find one that does, and has also caught your eye, remember that the most common IFM index is between 12 and 16.
For pounds, anything between 2 and 5 lbs is considered standard, while 5 lbs and above are considered high quality, firm mattresses.
Firmness is by no means an issue of good or bad quality. Some people prefer softer mattresses, while others can’t stand the sinking sensation and prefer a sturdier surface, that provides better supports. It’s also an issue if you struggle with back problems – in this case, it’s always better to opt for a higher density or IFM for your memory foam mattress.

The price depends on a variety of factors, but generally, you would expect to pay between $300 and $1000 for a good quality memory foam mattress. They can be pretty pricey indeed, but at least they have pretty long lifespans – you would expect such a mattress to last between 70 and 15 years at least. Most of them will come with some warranty, which is always great to have on hand in case something happens, or the product itself arrives faulty.

Regarding the brand, there’s not much science behind it. The rule “the more expensive the product, the better the brand” fits pretty well regarding memory foam mattresses. If you see something that is labeled Serta or Brentwood, it’s probably a safe bet to invest in.

After reading through this article, you probably got an idea about the basic construction, types, and price range for memory foam mattresses. They key to choosing the right one for yourself is looking for any specific needs you might have. Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper? Do you usually wake up in the same position as you fell asleep, or you tend to toss and turn around a lot? Do you have any allergies, specifically to petroleum or any related chemicals? Do you live in a hot and humid climate, and you’re tired of sleeping with the AC on? The answers to all of these questions will influence your choice of mattress, or at least stir you into the right direction. Don’t forget about deciding on a size and height that is appropriate for your bedframe and room. For anything else, don’t hesitate to consult our list of products – we’ve included mattresses from both ends of the budget spectrum, and all of them come from reputable brands and sellers on Amazon. We hope our guide helped you through and offered you an insight into choosing the best memory foam mattress.