Best Mattress for Back Pain – An Honest Guide for 2017

A lot of people complain because of back pain at one point in life. Nowadays, there are already over 80% of people worldwide who have suffered at least once from lower, middle or upper back pain. Back aches are the most common symptom for musculoskeletal discomfort and a total nuisance, especially after a long night’s sleep. There is an estimated figure by the American Chiropractic Association of about 40-60% of the population, having problems with their sleep.

Many methods can prevent sleep disturbance. The lack of qualitative mattresses and pillows could lead to pains that spread through the whole body. With suitable products, the pain and aches can be easily avoided, which could improve the productivity and life-standard of many people. The reviews below aim to give an overview of the actual top-rated products on the market and help you make the best decision for your needs that would be able to relieve your back pain and improve sleep quality.

Considering the reviews below will give you an idea about the diversity of mattresses on the market and help you approach a suitable decision.

Top Rated Mattresses for Spinal Pain

1. Tuft and Needle

Tuft and NeedleThe Tuft and Needle mattress is a universal choice if you need a simple alternative, but which will also provide enough support for painful body parts.

It’s 10-inch thick and trends under “not too soft, not too hard” that makes it a good choice for almost any consumer. This ensures that it will not sag in any spots and will still provide a pressure point due to its flexible design.

This product is featured in more sizes which include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King. This mattresses’ cover, which is a qualitative and soft tactile fabric, made of rayon and polyester is certified by OEKO-TEXT, guaranteeing it is free from any chemicals and heavy metals.
This product is made of different components. The mattress is a synthetic petroleum-based foam featuring two layers of dense and qualitative polyurethane foam.

This mattress also features a TB-117 chemical-free, fire barrier. It has a blend of prevalent rayon and less polyester and fine-grained silica. The silica lies firmly in the fibers, which ensure that it won’t make any contact with the skin.

It also features a 7-inch support layer on the bottom that will help in keeping the neck and spine accurately aligned. The top layer has 3 inches of foam, which are unique to Tuft and Needle, providing the suitable sleeping experience preventing the slumped mattress sensation.

This product is an excellent option for people with any sleeping habits and body pains. It is also suitable for individuals who weight about 300lbs as it can support a total of 1000lbs. On each of both sides. Also, the mattress provides cooling and advanced airflow.

The manufacturer offers a 100-night trial and free return within 100 days from the payment date. This mattress is a great option if you are on a budget and want to test a new type of mattress, which will allow you to save on costs and replace it if you spotted some defects or don’t appreciate its design overall. You can check its actual price here:

2. Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-ProThis memory foam mattress is a great option for sleepers with diverse sleeping position preferences.

The Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro is made of responsive, resilient materials which aim to accommodate any person on it.

The mattress is 12 inches, with four layers of qualitative foam, which will enhance your sleeping experience.

It is made of a dense layer of unique 1 inch Air Foam memory foam and has two thick layers of Gel-Max memory foam, one of the companies’ self-designed components.
Due to its 7,5 inch HD Base Support Foam layer, it provides full body comfort supporting the whole weight evenly.

This mattress meets the standard of coveted Goldilocks of “just right,” which is associated with luxurious hotel beds. The mattress features a premium textile Stretch Knit Cover which can be removed for taking an easier care of your mattress. Its timeless cover design will match any bed frame.

This product has a mesh called Mesh Gusset Air – Transfer Technology, that allows the air to freely circulate through your mattress, which keeps it cool and fresh.

The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty, which is a great option if you are aiming for one of the best mattresses on the market which would serve you more than a couple of decades.

It is certified by CertiPUR – US proving that it’s a safe product made without PDBE flame retardants, ozone depletes, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and other heavy metals.

This product currently comes in three sizes, Full, King and California King. If you want an affordable, comfortable and efficient mattress for relieving back pain, you can consider the Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro, which is one of the most liked products on the market. You can shop for it here:

3. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams EuroTop

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams EuroTopThis mattress has 12-inches featuring a bamboo zipper cover. It is one of the best choices on the market because, after every purchase, the company emails each customer asking about the preferred firmness. These mattresses are custom tailored to the needed firmness. With this option, you can get either a soft, medium or firm mattress custom prepared for you.

It has a 3 inch Talalay Latex foam which will aid in reducing back pains by contouring your body and creating a pressure point for relief and comfortable sleep. The quilted bamboo cover includes pure biodegradable bamboo fibers which are about 1.5 inches of very soft foam. The core of the mattress has 8 inches, which is made of high-density foam that increases the air circulation and keeps it fresh.

Its latex foam padding is designed to support any tossing and turning. The Talalay latex mattress is very safe due to its hypoallergenic feature, which will provide any person with a relaxing support, without the involvement of dangerous chemicals or heavy metals in its consistency. It is also dust mite resistant and antibacterial, which will ensure that your mattress will be constantly fresh and won’t require much cleaning.

When purchasing this mattress, you should take into consideration that its zipper cover cannot be dry-cleaned and washed, due to its soft and natural material. The company allows you to change the density of the latex foam even after the purchase if you are not satisfied with your current one. This option costs a small fee, but it is still a good alternative if you ordered a wrong type of mattress and you would like to replace it with a new one.

Many customers have praised this product for its resilience and claimed that it helped a lot in reducing their back pains and improving the quality of their sleep. If you consider buying a custom-made mattress, which will be able to help you with your aches, but will also be very qualitative and long-lasting, you can be sure that DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams EuroTop will meet your requirements and will be worth the money as well, considering its convenient price. You can shop for it here:

4. DynastyMattress Grand Atlantis Breeze

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams EuroTopThe DynastyMattress Grand Atlantis Breeze features a 6-layer memory foam construction. It consists of 1.5-inch HD plush memory foam, three layers each having 2-inches of HD comfort memory foam, 2-inches of foam which will ensure a fresh and cooling air flow and a core of 6-inch foam which should be able to offer the necessary support to your body.

This design aims to prevent any counter-action from body temperature, which could lead to a reduction of the resilience and firmness of the mattress. This concept functions in praxis, because the top 3 layers, which are made of gel foam, are separated to ensure that if one layer heats up too much, the other two will efficiently cool it off. This helps in maintaining the mattress medium firm, which will aid in relieving back pains and aches over your body.
The mattress itself has 15.5 inches and has infused gel into the premium memory foam for an enhanced sleeping experience.

This product offers such advantages as improved airflow for enjoying more the night’s sleep with cooler air, support pressure relief for reducing the pain in the joints in the mornings and high comfortability, which would leave you satisfied with this purchase.

This unit is CertiPUR-US certified and is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The manufacturer offers a 120-day trial, which you can use to return your mattress and receive your money back. The product also features 20 years limited warranty, which is a good option that will cover you the costs of the damages that can occur it over the whole period.

This mattress is an excellent option for people who are searching for a less expensive and a medium firm mattress for their needs. You can check its latest price here:

5. Snuggle-Pedic

Snuggle-PedicThe Snuggle-Pedic offers a unique Patented Airflow Transfer System that allows 100 times more airflow, which is formed by thousands of small holes on the surface that are connected to open the airflow channels and ensure the maximum air circulation.

This product features a 2-layer memory foam structure to offer the necessary pressure for relieving strain in shoulders and hips, and improve the health of your back. Due to its channeled base layer, it offers the needed support for people who prefer sleeping on their stomach and back.

Its total size is 10 inches with a 3-inch thickness of high-density memory foam and a 7-inch base that consists of resilient support. With its unique buoyant memory foam, the mattress allows moving easier around and cool off your body in any hot environment. This feature also ensures that the motion produced by the partners will decrease on its surface, which functions efficiently due to its memory foam design.
Another positive aspect of this mattress is that is extra breathable and has natural ivory bamboo cover.

This unit is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which makes it usable for every person and assures an easy cleaning. Due to its anti-microbial action, it also improves the blood circulation and the distribution of nutrients in the body, which plays a big role in relieving back pains.

The product has a 20-year warranty with a free option to customize and exchange your current mattress for another one which would fit your requirements. With the 4-month sleep trial, you have enough time to test it and return it in case you think that it might be not your best choice.

The removable zipper cover of this mattress allows exchanging the layers anytime you want and adjust your desired firmness level. The manufacturer has been producing mattresses for over 15 years which has one of the top rated mattresses on the market.

Many customers, especially the elder ones, have claimed that this mattress has helped to improve their sleep cycle and reduce sciatica symptoms. This product is another great option if you want to start efficiently fighting against your back pain and receive comfortable sleeping experiences. You can shop for it here:

6. Beautyrest Recharge Simmons

Beautyrest Recharge SimmonsThe manufacturer of Simmons Beautyrest Recharge is known for its high-quality mattresses, which hardly have any matching rival on the market. This piece is a combination of pocketed coils and memory foam which acts efficiently in restoring your body after a night’s sleep.

This mattress features 800 individually wrapped springs, which ensures that every person will feel comfortable one this piece and receive the required body support. This technology makes sure that the mattress will contour your whole body and provide superior motion separation for an individual undisturbed sleep.

The mattress features unique AirCool foams that improve its airflow and offer the necessary comfort. Its AirCool Mesh Border fabric ensures that the mattress can breathe, which will keep it fresh and cool.
This unit doesn’t require any flipping due to its 1/2-inch energy foam base, which provides a stable support being patented under the no-flip construction.

You can choose this mattress in more sizes which include: Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King.
This product is CertiPur-US certified, which ensures its safe use. The manufacturer offers 20-years limited warranty for convenience.

This mattress would be a worth acquisition considering its design, which could deliver you the needed comfortability and efficient pain relief. You can check its latest price here:

7. Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh Super

Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh SuperThis product features a comfort XD foam that has a deep layer of soft foam, which aims to provide enough pressure for relieving any body pains. It also offers support due to its continuous innerspring layer with reinforced action that enhances sleeping experience supporting properly the back and allowing undisturbed sleep cycles due to its continuous coil design.

This mattress is a hybrid between the pocketed coil springs and memory foam that was engineered especially for healing bad backs.

This unit is the only official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). With the help of NSF it was designed to reduce five most common issues caused by mattresses which people encounter every night: lack of support, tossing and turning, sagging, unbalanced sleeping temperature and back pain.

It has a dimension of 12 inches and includes a pillow-fill, fire blocker fiber, and Serta pillow-soft foam.
This mattress is made in the USA and the manufacturer offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Edinburgh Super is a worthy alternative if you are searching for a budget option which will have to fulfill the basic criteria for enhancing the sleep quality and improving any issues with back pains. You can shop for it here:

8. Sleep Innovations Alden

Sleep Innovations AldenThe Sleep Innovations Alden is a luxurious-looking mattress which offers a medium-soft feel.

It has 12-inches and is ideal for side sleepers as it provides the necessary pressure on your hips, knees, shoulders and offers a gentle support which targets back alignment.
This product fits most people who have an average weight and proportional height. Due to its medium-soft feel, it would mostly fit people who aren’t overweight, in order to fulfill its purpose efficiently.

This unit features three foam layers which are also known as TriComfort Design. The top layer is a Comfort Luxury 2.5 inch SureTemp Memory Foam, which offers a comfortable lying experience and luxurious look, the second one, Breezy, has a 2.5-inch Air Channel Foam for improving the air circulation through your mattress, and the third one, Durable Support, which is the core of the mattress has a 9-inch Deep Support Foam that ensures the durability and resilience of the mattress.

For convenience, this mattress comes in Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes and has a 20-year limited warranty. This product is made in the USA.

If you are searching for a qualitative and comfortable mattress especially for side-sleeping which would aid in relieving your back pains issues, the Sleep Innovations Alden could be the right choice for you. You can shop for it here:

9. Resort Sleep Ultra Luxury

Resort Sleep Ultra LuxuryThe Resort Sleep Ultra Luxury is one of the safest options when it comes to choosing a comfortable sleeping mattress. It fits for people of any sizes and would aid efficiently in healing joint pains.

The mattress has a height of 12 inches and features a top layer with a 2.5 inch Premium AirFlow Visco Foam that embodies a deluxe cushion design, the second layer has 1 inch of Gel Infused Memory Foam and the third one an 8.5-inch layer which is extra thick with a High-Density Support Base. The luxurious aspect of this mattress will offer your bedroom a fashionable look.

Due to its Gel Memory Foam, it ensures a comfortable sleep temperature. The HD foams act specifically as pressure points and help in reducing tossing and turning during the night.

The design of this mattress aims to reduce shoulder, hip and feet pain and help in relieving efficiently any kind of back pain. This unit features a removable surface textile. With this option, it will be easier wash the cover. You should consider using a delicate cycle and cool drying to maintain the cover’s initial form and prevent its shrinking.

This product fulfills the “just right” plush to a medium-firm which ensures the needed body support and comfortability. The manufacturer offers a 20-year warranty and as a bonus, they offer a free memory foam pillow. The mattress is also CertiPUR – US certified, which makes it a safe option. Its Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and dust mite resistance guarantees that anybody will be able to sleep on this piece without exposing himself to any potential harm.

If you need a luxurious, universal and efficient mattress against back pains, the Resort Sleep Ultra Luxury would be a perfect option to consider. You can check its latest price here:

10. Sleep Innovations Taylor

Sleep Innovations TaylorThe Sleep Innovations Taylor is another mattress which features a light cradling comfort and a luxurious design.
This unit has a height of 12 inches which consists of 3 layers. The top layer has 2 inches, and offers the optimal feel and acts as a regulator for reaching a suitable sleeping temperature. The second layer has 2 inches and it ensures the efficient airflow through the mattress. The third layer has 8 inches and adds comfortability to your resting sessions.

This mattress has a medium-firm feel and is suitable for anybody who has an average or bigger body. Due to its design, it provides pain relief and spinal alignment for everyone on an individual level. This product enhances the sleeping experience and is ideal for any sleeping position including people who toss and turn frequently.

This mattress can be bought in such sizes as Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King.
The manufacturer offers a 20-year warranty within the USA.

This product is a perfect option if you are looking for a mattress that more on the firm side, which can contribute in relieving body pains and would be affordable, you would like to look at Sleep Innovations Taylor. You can shop for it here:

Further Analysis

After reading all the reviews above, you may have gained an insight what kind of mattress would be able to offer you an optimal sleeping experience. You may have noticed that the mattresses are of very diverse types and there is no better one than other. Like people who have specific pains in joints, back or shoulders, different mattresses act individually to help to relieve such pains. It is true that every person can exercise to improve his posture and reduce pains, but a suitable mattress could aid immensely against aches in the morning.

There are some criteria which should be considered when choosing a suitable mattress.

1. Spinal Support

It is important to ensure a uniform contact with the mattress while lying down, in order avoid any pains in the morning. The body should lie even, without allowing any gaps between the mattress and the core of the body. Ensuring that most of the body parts have the necessary support will increase the chances that you will not wake up with pains due to flexed joints in the sleep. The right posture will also aid in healing your lower, middle, upper back, neck, and shoulders. After a day of stressed work, you will want to wake up refreshed next morning, and a mattress that would be able to offer you the proper support for your body would count as a good acquisition.

2. Longevity

Some people own mattresses more than a couple of decades, but no mattress has a lifespan. If you feel great with your current mattress, it means that you might have found your piece, but if you experience pains and get quite disturbing sleep cycles, then you may think of choosing a new one. It is recommended to change the mattresses at least once every ten years for maintaining a cozy sleep experience and adequate body support.

3. Rotating & Flipping

If you are aiming at being able to flip and rotate your mattress, that’s a great point. By turning it clockwise and flipping it upside down you will ensure that the softness of the mattress will be evenly distributed, without forming any Without considering such potential situations, many people end up with slump mattresses which can trigger the worsening of such conditions as sciatica and constant joint pains very easily. When purchasing a new mattress, be careful to analyze what does the manufacturer offer, because not all mattress support uniform flipping.

4. Firm or Soft

There are many conditions which are aggravated either by soft or firm mattresses. If you have some special requirements, you should check what kind of mattress would fit you better for alleviating your pains and enhancing your sleeping experience. Too much firmness can trigger joint pains due to too much pressure, and exaggerated softness could lead to uneven zones which could worsen some conditions. With the diversity of preferences and needs, there is no general better option. For choosing a perfect mattress, be sure that it will fall into the category which would have the exact potential to enhance your sleeping experience.

5. The Choice

The choice of orthopedic mattresses is diverse regarding the construction and padding. For example, ones which are known as pocket sprung or pocketed coil consist of about 1000 springs which have individual shapes that are concealed inside the fabric. Following this design, each spring moves according to the distributed weight, which is evenly supported. Such a mattress is a good option for orthopedic means, but there are still such alternatives as latex and memory foam mattresses, which may hold more benefits. After all, 1000 springs are a good choice, but if you weigh over 400 lbs. You would need more than 2000. You can consider such kind of mattresses under a physiotherapist’s or orthopedist’s recommendation, who can evaluate the most suitable option for everyone individually.

6. Latex

Latex mattresses are a popular choice for people who experience constant pains after every night’s sleep. Due to its springy effect, that through uniform contact supports the whole body, it is considered one of the best alternatives for relieving joint pains, including neck, back, and shoulders. More than one-third of the consumers claimed that the latex mattresses had helped then in relieving pains and aches in all affected body areas. The latex mattress is specifically designed to push itself into the body till it supports it evenly. The mattress is like a high-pressure sponge, which provides relaxation to the whole body and contributes in aligning the back. If you are searching for a kind of mattress that would reduce back pains and improve your sleep, a latex one would be a worthy choice.

7. Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are a great choice for people with back problems. People are satisfied by its effects due to the specific activity that reduces every person’s back problems on an individual level. One of the most important criteria for choosing a foam mattress is considering the foam density. Your specialist may recommend you one of the existing densities, which have different properties. The densest ones, which is 5 lbs.+, offer the optimal support for spinal alignment, the medium density of 4 lbs. provides less contour of the body and the lowest density of 2-3 lbs. offers less influence in relieving back pain. The breaking point is to consider whether you need a firm or soft type of mattress. Knowing your needs exactly would direct you towards an optimal foam mattress, which would help you fighting your back problems

There are many alternatives which could help in regenerating efficiently every morning, but from all the above-described products, we will concentrate on recommending only two products, which can be applied universally.
The first one would be the Ultimate Dreams EuroTop latex mattress which receives all the possible points – 5 out of 5. A crucial feature is that it allows changing the latex upper layer if you find that it is too soft or hard. If the original density doesn’t fit, you can just adjust the firmness to your needs and choose from the outset. This option is a big plus because adjusting the suitable density is the most important factor for body pain relief. Its qualitative materials, brilliant customer service and the very low consistency of harmful substances make it a top mattress, which would match almost any buyer.

The second one would be Tuft and Needle, which would also get 5 points out of 5. It is hard to find mattresses that will be affordable and comparable on an equal level with the previously mentioned EuroTop. Tuft and Needle provide full body support and a pressure point relief featuring a polyurethane foam which has an efficient airflow and cooling. This mattress maintains its firmness regardless of the temperature, being able to respond in time to any movements and prevent any sagging, which is very common for owners of budget alternatives. If you want to enjoy your nights’ sleep and wake up recharged and in good spirits without persistent body pains, there would be hardly a disappointment if you would acquire this piece.