Best Mattress Toppers Reviewed – 2017 Buying Guide

Few people have probably considered changing the mattress they are sleeping on unless a spring pokes out, or the dog bit off the cover and took out some of the foam shredding. There are a lot of reasons behind this – many people complain that a mattress is an expensive investment, it takes a lot of time and getting used to a new sleeping surface, there’s this weird “new” smell in the house from the padding, etc… Even those whose mattress is long since work, saggy, or uncomfortable have trouble saying goodbye to it for a new one. Some people might think about experimenting with a memory foam or latex mattress instead of their innerspring one, yet the price is high, and they are not sure whether they’ll like it or not. If any of those reasons sounds like you, you might consider investing in a mattress topper or pad instead. These will solve the main issue – the high price of a full-fledged new mattress and will spare you a lot of effort.

First, you need to know what a mattress topper or pad is. A mattress topper is a thinner mattress, which can be placed on top of your existing unit to supply extra softness, firmness, or support. They usually are between 1 and 6” high, while a typical mattress goes up to 16”. A standard size of mattress topper to look for is 2-3”, as these tend to be the most comfortable, space-savvy, and easy to manage. Mattress toppers come in a variety of materials, but the most common ones are latex and memory foam. As nowadays, these are popular padding materials for full-fledged mattresses as well, you can try a latex or foam topper first to see if you like it and then invest in a whole new mattress. Toppers and pads have to go between the bedding and the mattress, so as to make up for the lack of firmness or softness that you’re experiencing.

There’s also a difference between mattress toppers and mattress pads. Toppers are meant to be firmer and be used in case your old mattress is saggy and has “pits” in it. On the other hand, pads are meant to provide extra softness and comfort for the cases when you have a mattress that is too hard. Pads tend to be stuffed with softer material, such as polyester or cluster fiber, and be cheaper than toppers. However, if you want something firm and supportive, it’s better to invest in a mattress topper, as those are padded with latex or foam. Both are meant to be placed under the bed sheets, and may or may not come with a cover of their own.
This would be the main difference you should be looking at when choosing a mattress topper or pad. To help you out, even more, we’ve gathered and put together a list of the bestselling products out there on Amazon. Check them out and see if any of the catches your eye:

1. Memory Foam Solutions – AllSleep
AllSleepA great starting choice for those who struggle with back pains, whose mattress is too soft, old, or saggy; this memory foam topper measures the recommended 3” in height and is made of high-density memory foam. To give you a general idea, 5lb (do not confuse the density with the weight, which is also measured in lbs) memory foam is considered super firm, and this topper is padded with 4lb foam. The topper comes in the most common sizes around the US, from Twin to California King, so you can buy the exact right one without compromising the aspect of your bed.
Memory foam helps reduce pressure points on the body, so you can get a good and restful sleep even if you toss and turn a lot at night. The mattress is made in the USA and exceeds PURGreen Certification for using only natural materials.
The only drawback of this topper may be the unavoidable memory foam smell, which goes away after a couple of weeks, and heat retention. Nonetheless, it makes a great starting product for any budget, Check the latest price here:

2. Lucid – Gel Pad
Lucid Gel PadIf memory foam is your material of choice, but you’re troubled by the thought that your mattress topper will become uncomfortably hot during the night, here’s a handy alternative. The Lucid Gel Pad is made from gel-infused memory foam, which prevents the material from retaining excessive heat, and ensures that you have a cool surface to sleep on. The material is also ventilated, which adds up to the cooling and breathable effect. Besides that, the gel-infused material makes for an antibacterial and dust mite resistant surface. The mattress topper comes with an all-natural bamboo fiber cover, which is removable and can be laundered. This makes the Lucid Gel Pad a great option even for outdoor use.
The mattress topper measures 2.5” in height and is available in all sizes, from Twin to California King. It also comes with a 3-year warranty that will help you shop with peace of mind.
Shop the latest price for this product here:

3. ExceptionalSheets – Extra Plush
ExceptionalSheets Extra PlushIf you’re looking for a mattress pad in place of a topper, the Exceptional Sheets Extra Plus will be a great alternative for you. This particular model is the best selling pad on Amazon at the moment, featuring a bamboo fiber cover and a cluster fabric padding for extra softness. The cluster fabric padding inside of it is hypoallergenic, and the double needle baffle box stitch will prevent it from moving around too much. The mattress pad measures 76 x 80 for the King Size and has a variable thickness. However, the manufacturer advertises that it fits mattresses that are up to 18” deep. Besides the King, this pad is available in all the most common sizes, from Twin to California King, and is 100% produced in the USA.
Be warned that the synthetic cluster fiber inside it might shrink a bit after laundering. According to the instruction, you can wash the whole unit, but be careful to not use hot water, as you might find a Twin size in the washing machine instead of your Queen.
Shop this product and the latest price here:

4. Ultimate Dreams Queen 3″ Talalay Latex Soft Mattress Topper
Ultimate Dreams Queen LatexDespite the name, this product here is a latex mattress topper, which is the perfect choice for those who prefer to have a high-quality product, and are ready to spend a bit on extra cash on their topper. However, the investment will be worth it down to the last penny, as you’ll receive a firm, 100% Talalay latex mattress topper, which measures a full 3” in height. With this, you need not worry about a saggy, old, or uncomfortable mattress anymore – just throw it on top, and you’ll be off to a relaxing night’s sleep. This topper is also great from those who have a non-standard mattress size, such as a Short Queen, as they offer a ton of sizes to choose from.
The topper also comes with an included bamboo fiber cover, which is removable and can be laundered separately. Talalay latex is an excellent padding material, as it offers great ventilation, as well as an antibacterial and hypoallergenic surface.
Overall, this is a very good quality product you’ll get a lot of use out of. However, its only disadvantage would be the price, which can be rather high compared to other units. You can check out this product here:

5. Ultimate Sleep – ErgoSoft
Ultimate Sleep ErgoSoftIf latex is your choice of material, yet a bit concerned about the use of chemicals and such, you might want to check out the Ultimate Sleep ErgoSoft, as it is made out of natural, organic latex. This topper does not only come in various sizes, from Twin to Queen but also in different thicknesses, so you can choose whatever you feel will work best for you. You can choose between a 2”, 3”, and 4” thickness for your mattress topper.
The material it’s made of is dense, 4.75lb perforated organic latex, which promotes air circulation and is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It also offers superior, orthopedic-grade support for those pressure points on your body, providing you a comfortable night’s sleep.
If you struggle with back pain, this mattress topper will probably be the next best alternative to a full-fledged latex mattress. Without the big bucks. Nonetheless, compared to the previous units, this one might be a bit over the budget for some people. Check it out here:

6. Sleep On Latex – Pure Green
Sleep On Latex Pure GreenAnother eco-friendly alternative, the Sleep on Latex Pure Green mattress is worth a try for anyone who suffers from muscle and joint pains. If that is the case, or if your mattress is just too soft to be comfortable, this topper will make a world of a difference.
It is made from 100% 4lb organic latex, which is the optimal firmness for a supportive mattress. This unit is available in a variety of thicknesses, from 1” to 3”, and in several different sizes – from Twin to California King. The latex layer is perforated to promote easier air circulation, and, grace to its natural provenience, is hypoallergenic, healthy to sleep on, and antibacterial.
The only drawback about this unit is that it does not come with an included cover, so you’ll either have to purchase that separately, or place it directly under the bedding. Compared to the previous two 100% latex toppers, this one is slightly more accessible regarding price. Check out further details about it here:

7. Milliard – 2″ Gel
Milliard 2 Inch GelAnother gel-infused foam alternative, this mattress topper is ideal for those whose mattress has an overheating issue – it might have a viscoelastic foam top layer, or just have air circulation problems. If that’s the case, it’s an excellent idea to invest in the Milliard 2” gel mattress topper, which will help keep the mattress surface cool and refreshing all night long. Grace to the millions of gel beads inside the foam, it cannot retain the body heat for too long. However, this is not the only advantage about this product – it also offers medical and therapeutic grade support, ideal for patients with arthritis or other similar joint and bone issues. Besides that, gel foam is a great antibacterial and antimicrobial surface, making this topper perfect for asthmatic patients.
This gel topper measures 2” in height, and comes in four different sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The package also includes a 100% bamboo fiber cover, which is fully removable and machine washable. If you struggle with any problem related to mattress overheating, the Milliard 2” Gel Topper is worth a try. Check out the latest price and further details here:

8. Zinus – Sleep Master
Zinus Sleep MasterTheZinus Sleep Master is perfect for anyone who want to get the best of both worlds – or, in this case, the best of two different materials. This mattress topper is composed of two layers, the top one being a gel-infused memory foam one, and the base layer being a high-density memory foam support. Grace to the first layer, the mattress will never get too hot, while the base layer will offer you an excellent and sturdy support for those aching joints. The top gel layer is also made from a plant-based foam, named Biofoam, which uses green tea and activated charcoal extracts in place of the traditional petroleum.
Each layer of this topper measures 2”, which makes it 4” high in total. The Zinus Sleep Master is available in a variety of sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, and King, and has a five-year limited warranty. This product is also great value regarding price, and you can check the latest one down here:

9. Nature’s Sleep – Cool IQ
Natures Sleep Cool IQIf you’re in for an inexpensive alternative, Nature’s Sleep Cool IQ topper might be a great value item for you. This unit is made from viscoelastic foam, but you need not be put off by the rumors around this material. Nature’s Sleep has patented an exclusive air bubble technology; that ensures that the air circulation inside the topper does not allow its overheating.
This unit measures 2.5” in thickness, and is also available in some different sizes, from Twin to California King. This topper also comes with a 300-thread cotton cover that will help keep the unit in place, and will also act as an antibacterial surface. The cover can be removed and laundered.
This topper can be checked out here:

10. iSoCore 3.0
iSoCore 3.0If you’re really on a tight budget, but still wish for a good quality mattress topper, the iSoCore 3.0 might be worth checking out. It is also made from viscoelastic memory foam and is designed to provide extra softness, while not neglecting the supportive aspect.
You have a three-year warranty to come with this product and can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your existing mattress – from Twin to California King. The topper itself measures 3” making it the perfect recommended height. Check out the latest price here:


After you’ve familiarized yourself with several products, it’s time to decide whether you need a mattress topper or pad. There are two categories of customers – those who prefer to have a full mattress to sleep on, and those who won’t say no to an extra layer on top of the mattress. It’s important to remember that if you dislike the feeling of a too high mattress, or you can’t stand having too many separate layers underneath you, a topper is probably not a good idea for you. However, if you don’t care about having a higher bed or a mobile layer underneath your bedding, you’re probably going to enjoy mattress toppers and pads. Here are some common situations when you might need one:

1. The mattress is too old, saggy, noisy? If that’s the case and you’re not ready (financially or emotionally) to let go of that old mattress, but you still feel uncomfortable after sleeping on it, adding a topper is a must.

2. The mattress is too soft or firm? You might have bought that new mattress because it was on clearance, it had a great price, or you received it as a gift… in any case, it seems to be too firm or soft for your preferences, which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on. Invest in either a topper or a pad to add extra support or elasticity.

3. Do you struggle with an aching back? If that’s the case, purchasing a whole new mattress might be a bit extreme. The soreness might be caused by your bed being a bit too soft, and that can be solved with the simple addition of a firm topper. If it feels too hard for you after a while, you can remove it and sleep on your soft bed again, with no commitment whatsoever.

4. Are you on a tight budget? This is probably the most common reason when it comes to buying mattress toppers. If you know you need a new mattress, yet you can’t afford a good quality one just yet, but you still don’t want to wake up with an aching back every day, a mattress topper or pad will make a great starting point.

After you’ve decided whether you need a new mattress topper or not, you need to know a few aspects you should look for in such a unit. Here’s our little guide to the most important features of mattress toppers and pads:

1. The material they are made from. Toppers are made from either latex or memory foam, while pads are filled with polyester or cluster fabric. When choosing a mattress topper, latex is probably the best alternative you have, as the flexible nature of the rubber will bounce back to the body’s pressure, thus providing you that extra support you need. However, latex can be pretty expensive, especially if we’re talking about an all-natural and organic product. If you’re on a tighter budget, memory foam is the next best thing – it’s still very dense and springy, and creates the pleasant sensation of “sinking” into it at first, and pushes back against the body after a while, offering motion isolation and proper spinal support. You can choose between standard viscoelastic foam, gel-infused foam, which does not retain heat, and plant-based foam, which is organic and can be rather expensive. When it comes to mattress pads, there’s not much difference regarding the material – any padding will create a soft surface to sleep on, and your average mattress will act as the supportive base.

2. Thickness. As we mentioned before, mattress toppers and pads tend to be between 1-6” in height, and a rule of thumb is to look for one which is at least 2-3”. Anything lower than that will have a shorter lifespan and won’t provide you with the necessary amount of support, especially if we’re talking toppers. Too thin pads will also not work as well, as you’ll find yourself sinking right through them and hitting that firm mattress you tried to avoid.

3. Included cover. To be fully honest, an external removable cover for your mattress is not needed, as you’re supposed to cover them with bed sheets anyway. However, if your product of choice does have one of these, make sure it’s 100% cotton or bamboo fiber, removable and machine washable, so you can always keep it clean. This might be a nifty feature for those who plan to use their mattress toppers or pads in alternative ways – such as in hammocks, sunbeds, or lounge chairs.To sum off the information in this guide, we will try to point out what we think is the best mattress topper on the market as of 2017. Our personal recommendation is the AllSleep, as it is the best value regarding price and quality. Besides that, memory foam is one of the most accessible and loved mattress padding around the world, being both soft and supportive. However, if your budget allows it, you might want to consider a 100% latex mattress topper – that one will provide you a lot of support, yet might be too firm for some people.The secret to choosing the best mattress topper is realizing why exactly you need one; whether your old mattress is too saggy, soft, firm, or low, the answer to this question will stir you in the right direction for your choice of

The secret to choosing the best mattress topper is realizing why exactly you need one; whether your old mattress is too saggy, soft, firm, or low, the answer to this question will stir you in the right direction for your choice of mattress topper.