Best Latex Mattresses – 2017 Reviews & Comparison

Mattresses are essential objects when it comes to maintaining a healthy position during sleep. And, as we tend to spend more than 1/3 of our lives in bed, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality mattress, that will last for a long time and ensure your spine, neck, and shoulders have proper support. In this guide, we shall present you the most popular choice regarding mattress padding – latex mattresses. This material has become increasingly popular in the last couple of decades, mainly because of its increased support abilities.

To choose the right latex mattress, you might need to know a couple of details about the manufacturing process, types of latex available, the durability of the material and the average lifespan of the product. Besides, you have to know about several hazards this material implies, so as to avoid it in case you have certain allergies, for instance. We aim to offer you a comprehensive guide and spare you the going through the useless industry jargon – in other words, choose the best latex mattress for your particular needs.

To read through all the most important details concerning latex mattresses, scroll down to the bottom of this article. Or, you can hit Amazon right away, in search for the perfect one! Of course, you still have to consider several crucial, aspects, such as size, thickness, and price, before making your choice; to help you out a bit, we’ve gathered a top-10 of the bestselling Amazon latex mattresses. Enjoy!

1. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 10″
The DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams is one of the best choices when it comes to the price/quality balance. Despite the rather low price tag, this mattress is an excellent value product, consisting of two main layers – a Talalay latex top and a sturdy memory foam base.
If you’re one of those people to have their product customized to the smallest of details, this mattress will be the right choice for you. Before ordering, you can even select a firmness of your choice. There are four different options, from Ultra Plush to Firm, as well as a wide range of sizes, from Twin to California King. If you’re not sure about what firmness you need, you can choose the option “Ask Chuck,” and benefit off a free consultation to help you make your choice. The mattress measures 10” in thickness and is made in the USA. You can check the latest price here:

2. LUCID 16″
If you’re looking for an optimal foam and latex combo to minimize your spending, the LUCID 16” is an excellent choice for you. This particular mattress has four different layers – the top one is a 1” quilted bamboo charcoal foam for extra comfort, the next one is a 3” plush viscoelastic foam, followed by 2” of Dunlop latex and a 10” high-density memory foam base. While this is not exactly a latex mattress, as only 1/8 of its height is made of latex, it can still be a great investment for those on a budget.
The 16” height is perfect for low bed frames, and for those who wish to elevate their existing bed frames. You want to think about the thickness of your desired mattress before buying this one, as it might not work as well with, say, folding beds. It is available in a lot of sizes, though – from Twin to California King.
Grace to all the comfort layers, this mattress is a rather soft one so you might want to think twice about it if you need a sturdy support for your spine and joints.
Read more and find out the latest price here:

3. LUCID 10″
Another Lucid mattress, this one is much thinner and more versatile than the 16” one. Besides that, this mattress has a higher latex percentage going on, with a 3” natural latex comfort top layer, and a 7” foam base. Grace to this, it can be categorized as a latex mattress a bit easier than its bigger sister. The mattress is available in all sizes, from Twin to California King, and will offer you all the advantages of sleeping on latex – great support, elasticity, and healthiness.
Compared to the LUCID 16”, this mattress provides better protection against dust mites, as the top layer is made from latex, which does not permit their formation. This makes it an excellent choice for people who struggle with allergies and respiratory problems.
The LUCID comes with a 25-year warranty and is available here:

4. Sleep EZ Roma
The Sleep EZ Roma is an excellent entry-level choice which is made entirely out of latex – no other materials are used in the padding of this mattress. Nonetheless, it’s not a very expensive unit. The mattress comes in several sizes, from Twin to Queen, and doesn’t have a King or California King option. However, this little drawback in compensated by the great material used for padding – you have a 6” of Dunlop latex padded with 1.5” of foam on each side for a softer surface.
The Sleep EZ Roma is a double-sided mattress; as you may remember, Dunlop latex has a softer edge and a firmer one. With this mattress, you can have the best of both worlds – flip it over and have a plushy soft surface for one night, and then a firm, supportive one for the next night.
With this product, allergies and dust mites are not a problem anymore, as the thick layer of latex will not allow their nesting. Shop the latest price and find out more about this product here:

5. Brentwood Home S-Bed
Brentwood is a very reputable brand when it comes to bedding products. The Home S Bed mattress is not an exception – you have 11” of latex and gel-infused memory foam to offer you the best of both materials. The soft top latex layer ensures that the surface is soft, clean and antibacterial, while the sturdy, gel-infused memory foam one will promote air circulation inside the mattress, providing a cool surface and keeping dust mites at a distance. The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified as not containing any harmful chemicals.
The mattress also comes with a removable New Zealand wool cover, which makes the mattress plush to the touch and helps prevent odor formation. The mattress is available in all sizes, from Twin to California King, and the firmness can also be customized to your likes. You can choose between Firm, Medium, and Plush, depending on your needs and preferences.
Check out the latest price and additional details about his product here:

6. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Total
If staying environment-friendly and purchasing only organic products is a concern for you, the DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Total mattress is an excellent option to check out. Surprisingly, it won’t set you back a fortune either, depending on the size. This mattress is available in all sizes, from Twin to California King, and measures 10” in height.
You might notice that this product is still way more expensive than the previously covered models – well, that’s what the price of a 100% organic latex mattress is! No foam or polyurethane has been used in padding this mattress – only 10” of Talalay latex with a zippered cover. The cover is also made from natural fibers with a wool padding that helps keep dust mites, allergens, and odors away. The mattress itself will be customized to your desired firmness. However, you don’t have a choice like for the DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 10”; instead, you will be contacted by customer support to inquire about the desired firmness. We suggest you go for a firmer alternative, as Talalay latex tends to soften up quicker than Dunlop or other materials.
Check out the latest price here:

7. CushyBeds 4-Layer
The CushyBeds 4-layer is a great option for those who struggle with hot sleeping, as it features a unique material, namely graphite-infused Talalay latex, to create a cooling top comfort layer. As the name of the product suggests, this mattress consists of 4 layers, which are: the top graphite-infused latex one, a 1” gel swirl memory foam for extra cooling, a 1” high-density viscoelastic foam one, and another foam support base. This kind of layering ensures you get the best from the qualities of latex padding, while not paying as much as for a 100% latex mattress.
The mattress comes with a removable and machine washable cover. It is available in the most common sizes except the California King, and it measures 10” in height. Regarding the firmness, this unit leans towards the medium to firm end of the spectrum.
Check out the latest price here:

8. ComfortMax 400 Bariatric
The only mattress of its kind in our top, the ComfortMax 400 Bariatric is the perfect choice for heavier people. It’s also an excellent choice for those who plan to share the bed with a heavier person without rolling down into a pit, as latex provides the necessary support and does not transfer motion over more than 3 inches.
Unlike springs or air, latex and memory foam are the only materials that can provide a decent bariatric support for heavier bodies. The manufacturer claims that this unit can handle up to 300-400lbs of weight. The mattress is 10” high and features a double layer structure – the top one is a 5” Talalay latex comfort layer, which keeps the mattress soft, and the other one is a high-density memory foam base, which provides high stability and support.
The mattress is available in different sizes, from Twin to California King, and leans more towards the expensive end of the spectrum. You can find it here:

9. My Green Mattress Simple Sleep
Another ecologic alternative, The My Green Mattress Simple Sleep is a rather thin, yet 100% latex mattress made from organic rubber tree extract. This mattress does not have any additional foam or polyurethane layers, making it as close to nature as physically possible – yet it does have a pretty spicy price to it as well. The latex inside it is Dunlop latex, so you’ll have a softer side and a harder base side on it. We do not recommend flipping it, even if you prefer sleeping on a firmer surface, as pushing the base layer against the softer one will only cause it to flatten faster.
Besides the 7” organic Dunlop latex layer, the mattress comes with a wool cover that is fully removable and machine washable, ensuring an antibacterial surface and a better air circulation. This unit comes in a variety of sizes as well so you can choose anything from Twin to California King.
If an ecologic alternative is what you’re going for, check out further details about this product here:

10. Sleep On Latex Pure Green
Last but not least, here’s another organic latex eco-friendly alternative for your bedroom. Unlike the previous one, this comes with three different layers, which can help you customize the mattress to your desired firmness. The base one is 6” of pure organic Dunlop latex, the following one is a 2” layer of softer latex for increased comfort, and the top one is 1” of quilted wool cover. This combo of natural materials will ensure that you will not struggle with allergies, dust mites, unpleasant chemical odors, or other similar issues.
This mattress measures a total of 9” in height, being rather thin and perfect for all kinds of use – from folding to standard beds. It’s also available in a lot of sizes, from Twin to California King, and the price is rather low for an all-natural product.
The Sleep On Latex Pure Green also comes with a 10-year warranty and a 99-nights trial period so that you can shop with peace of mind. Check the latest price for this product here:

After you’ve familiarized yourself with what’s on the market, here’s a short guide to choosing the right latex mattress for your bed. The first thing you need to know is the exact definition of a latex mattress. A latex mattress or pillow is one that has been padded with an elastic material, which is made from rubber tree extract. As opposed to traditional bedding technologies, such as air or metal springs, latex has a lot of advantages, such as increased elasticity and support. It is also known for being anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, as the thick rubber does not allow the formation and growth of dust mites and bacteria. Latex mattresses are known to be the best choice for people with back problems as well, as they are the leaders in providing a healthy spinal alignment during slumber hours.
There are several types of latex mattress padding on the market. They are:

1. Natural or organic latex. Much like any other natural alternative, this is known to be the most expensive variation of latex, which is extracted directly from the core of the rubber tree. The process of extraction is called tapping, and it is performed by cutting incisions in the outer bark of the rubber tree and let the white fluid come out. Then, it is collected and transformed into organic latex.
Biology lesson aside, natural latex is the healthiest option out there. However, expect to pay a higher price for such a mattress, and probably have to shop online, as they can hardly be found in small showrooms or stores.

2. Synthetic or human-made latex. Much like it sounds, this material is a classic alternative to the expensive natural product, and it is made through a chemical reaction (polymerizing a monomer, such as a styrene, that has been pre-emulsified with surfactants – see, that’s why you don’t want to get too technical about this). Synthetic latex is widely available, being manufactured rather easily, and will also be cheaper than the real thing.

3. Mixed or blended latex. As the properties of organic and synthetic latex differ slightly, it’s common to see mixed or blended material used for mattress padding. Price-wise, this type of padding will fall into the mid-range, but you have to be careful when reading the description of the product – pay attention to the natural latex percentage used. Some may classify their product as blended latex, and ask for a higher price, but “forget” to include the percentage. Mixed latex comes in an 80% synthetic, 20% natural rate, but with a bit of perseverance, you can find 50/50 mattresses.

After you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic types of latex, you also have to know the classic padding patterns or types of latex mattresses. The most common ones are:

1. All latex. This kind of mattress is made from 100% latex. These are rare and hard to find on the market. They can be composed of one thick layer or can have different ones with different densities, so as to create a more elastic surface. All-latex mattresses will usually be considered orthopedic, as they are the best in providing pressure point support, and ensuring correct spinal alignment. The 100% latex padding will also guarantee the lack of chemical odor – as latex itself is a non-smelly material, unlike memory foam, which tends to give off an unpleasant chemical smell. Another advantage of all-latex mattresses is their motion isolation so that you can share your bed with a toss-and-turner and still have a restful and relaxed sleep.

2. Latex over foam. Memory foam is a great support provider, as it can be very dense and sturdy. This is one of the most popular combinations of the market, as it provides both the elasticity of latex and the support of memory foam. Depending on the thickness of the latex layer, the price will differ. However, latex-over-foam mattresses are less expensive than 100% latex ones.

3. Foam over latex. These mattresses are the opposites of the previous kind – you have two layers of latex on the margins sandwiching a thick memory foam base. You can also find some that have a layered design, where this layer of latex are comprised of a top one and a base made from viscoelastic foam. It’s probably not too correct to label these as latex mattresses, as the latex layers can be as thin as 2”.

4. Dunlop. This is the most common processing method used for latex, where the liquid substance is poured into a ridged mold and left to cool off and harden. The result is a lump of rigid latex which makes the core of Dunlop mattresses. If you were to cut a section across Dunlop latex, you’d see thin air channels that go down to about 3/4s of the layer, followed by a full latex base. This construction creates a differentiation in density, as the top layer becomes softer, and the bottom one, where the sediments tend to accumulate, remains firm.

5. Talalay. Talalay latex mattresses are produced through a similar technology to Dunlop, but they require an additional step. After the liquid latex is poured into the mold and left to harden, the mold is closed tight, and an air vacuum is formed, so as to disperse the fluid evenly throughout it. After that, the mold is flash-frozen before being baked, to ensure that the mattress is equally soft and elastic all over. This type of mattress can be flipped over, and you can sleep on either side of it without feeling a difference.

The most common latex types are Dunlop and Talalay, and you have to remember some essential differences between the two. One, Talalay latex requires a much longer and more sophisticated process to be produced; because of this, it is naturally more expensive than Dunlop. Dunlop has a softer top and a firmer bottom, making it perfect for sleeping on the softer side and having proper support for the needy areas. On the other hand, Talalay tends to have the same firmness all over. This might be an advantage if you prefer your mattress softer, but will probably require a firmer base layer, such as memory foam, to add the necessary support.

As a little conclusion to our guide, you probably want to hear the answer to the question in the title – what is the best latex mattress in out there? For multiple reasons, our choice would be the Ultimate Dreams Total, as it is one of the few made of 100% pure organic latex. Also, the customization process of the mattress beats all of the other ones – you can choose the exact firmness level after a consultation with the customer supports staff. However, don’t let that limit you in your choices, and choose whatever you think works best for your needs and budget. Good luck shopping!