Best Innerspring Mattresses – 2017 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Innerspring mattresses are a very popular people’s choice – they have been around for decades, and are still steady going. While many manufacturers have turned their attention towards alternative and more effective padding materials, such as memory foam, latex, or even air, many people still prefer to get the classic and supportive innerspring mattress.

An innerspring mattress is commonly referred to as a spring mattress and consists of three main layers – a base that is reinforced with metal coils, a thin layer of foam padding, and a cover to tie them together.

Nonetheless, public surveys have shown that innerspring mattresses are not nearly the leaders regarding comfort. To tell the truth, they came in last, the leader being latex, followed by memory foam and air. However, you can still find innerspring mattresses that are awesome quality units and will offer you at least seven years of healthy sleep. They to this is to look for a bigger number of coils – as many as possible – which will ensure that the mattress won’t sag too fast. A thick layer of foam or another padding will also indicate a high-quality product. Here are some of the best rated innerspring mattresses on the market right now:

1. Classic Brands Mercer

Classic Brands MercerThis hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the firm support of metal coils, but could also use a bit of extra plushness for their beds. The Classic Brands Mercer is a hybrid mattress, which features 768 fabric wrapped coils, made from 13-gauge wire, topped off on both sides with thick layers of memory foam for added comfort. The fabric wrapping and the significant number of coils will ensure that you won’t see them poking out anytime soon, and they will maintain a supportive surface for a rather long time. The memory foam is gel-infused, so it will not retain any excessive heat and will preserve a cool surface for you to sleep on.

The mattress measures 12” in height, being rather high and suitable for low bed frames. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified as being dust-mite resistant and antibacterial. Besides that, you can shop this mattress in a variety of sizes – from Twin to California King, including XL variations.
Shop the latest price for this product here:

2. Classic Brands Gramercy

Classic Brands GramercyIf you prefer an even higher mattress, the Classic Brands Gramercy will offer you the same quality as the previous unit embedded in a 14” innerspring mattress. This unit is also a hybrid, consisting of multiple layers of memory foam, gel-infused foam, and pocketed metal coils. The gel-infused foam makes up the top layer, ensuring that the surface doesn’t get too hot, the dense memory foam offers extra support, and the 768 metal coils act as the base support and prevent motion transfer between partners. They are also wrapped in fabric for better isolation.
This mattress comes in all sizes, from Twin to California King, including XL variations, and has a 10-year warranty to go with it. Grace to its flexibility, this unit can also be used with adjustable beds, something which most mattresses cannot do.
Shop the latest price and check out further details here:

3. Zinus Night Therapy

Zinus Night TherapyThis mattress offers a very firm surface to sleep on. Not an option for those who like their bed plushy, the Zinus Night Therapy borders on orthopedic grade support, being perfect for anyone who struggles with back or joint pain. This mattress is also a hybrid one, combining the springy texture of high-quality memory foam and the firmness of metal coils. The base layer consists of 690 12-gauge metal wire coils, which offer excellent support and promote a healthy spinal alignment. They will also reduce motion transfer to the minimum, ensuring you get a restful sleep even if your partner is tossing and turning. The foam used for padding in antibacterial and dust-mite resistant, as stated by the CertiPUR-US certification. The coils are also pocketed for greater resistance.

The mattress measures 13” in height, and is available in Full, Queen, and King sizes. Be warned that this mattress would classify as an extra firm one, so if you’re not sure about your preferences in terms of firmness, it’s better to go for something else.
Read more about the Zinus Night Therapy here:

4. Zinus Sleep Master Ultima

Zinus Sleep Master UltimaAnother Zinus product, which is also a hybrid mattress, is the Sleep Master Ultima. If you’re looking for the same orthopedic support that the previous unit offers, yet you’re a bit concerned about it being too firm, this one might be a better option for plush bed lovers. It also includes several layers of foam and one of pocketed coils, but the thickness of the foam ones altogether is greater than that on the Night Therapy. This means that the bed will be softer to the touch. Much like the previous mattress, the foam here is CertiPUR-US certified, and the coils are pocketed in fabric. You have the same number of them – 690 – and the same wire thickness – 12 gauge, as in the Night Therapy.
This unit is available in multiple widths – 8”, 10”, 12” and 13”, and in various sizes, from Twin to California King. It will also come with a 10-year warranty so you can shop without worries. You can tell that this product is a traditional customer pick as the most common sizes are always sold out – so be quick if you want to grab yours! Find it here:

5. Signature Sleep 13

Signature Sleep 13If you’re on a budget, but still don’t want to invest in a super low-quality mattress, the Signature Sleep 13 is worth a look. This mattress is available in only three sizes – Full, Queen and King, and measures 13” in height – a suitable dimension. It’s also a hybrid mattress, being having a 1” layer of memory foam on top for comfort, as well as 10” of independently encased coils. You have as many as 744 of them, made from 13.5 gauge wire, to support your body during slumber. That’s also a pretty decent count you could get for the price. The mattress has a bamboo fiber cover, which absorbs liquids, keeps the odors from setting in the mattress itself, and prevents dust mite formation.
The mattress is made from all safe materials, which contain no phthalates, flame retardants, lead, mercury, and heavy metals. At this price, you probably cannot get any better than that. Shop the latest price for this mattress here:

6. Zinus Extra Firm

Zinus Extra FirmThis mattress is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a mid-priced item that would offer them the superior Zinus quality. Much like the other two Zinus mattresses we covered in this top, this one is a hybrid, consisting of a coil layer and a foam one. However, this unit is more on the plushy side compared to the other two, as it has a full 4” layer of foam – 1.5” being a soft, comfort foam, and 2.5” being high-density support foam. The material is CertiPUR-US certified and meets all the highest standards regarding safety and healthiness. The coil layer measures 7.5 inches and uses their trademark iCoil technology to offer superior support.

The mattress is available in 2 different thicknesses – 10” and 12”, and in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. Another great thing about this product is the Zinus 10-year warranty, which will ensure that your purchase is a safe bet. Shop for it here:

7. Englander Finale

Englander FinaleFor those of you who are on a tight budget, the Englander Finale is an unmatched value product. This innerspring mattress has all the essential features you’d need for a healthy and relaxing sleep. It measures 13”, and is comprised of a CertiPUR-US certified foam layer, as well as a metal coil one. The coils are made from 14-gauge wire, making the mattress rather soft compared to the Zinus ones, for instance. However, it does offer a pretty decent support for your back as well, so you’ll get a restful sleep with this mattress. At least during the 1-year warranty period.

As far as variety goes, this mattress is available in all sizes, from Twin to California King, and in two different quilt colors – gray and beige. The Englander Finale is an excellent choice for those on a tight budget, but be prepared to get what you’re paying for – this mattress won’t last you as long as a more expensive one would. Check out the latest price and further details here:

8. Signature Sleep Contour

TSignature Sleep Contourhe Signature Sleep Contour is another low budget alternative that will be just as rewarding as a more expensive model. This mattress is a rather plushy one, having 480 coils made of 15-gauge wire. While not necessarily being a poor support, this is a less firm alternative than one with 700+ coils. The wire is also thinner than in most of the Zinus mattresses, so naturally, the final product will be rather bouncy. The padding is completed by two layers of foam on each side of the mattress, which is CertiPUR-US certified as being free of all sorts of harmful chemicals, as well as antibacterial and dust-mite resistant.
The Signature Sleep Contour measures only 8 inches in height, and the innerspring layer makes up 7” of that. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, from Twin to King, but does not include XL variations and California King.
Overall, this mattress is a great value for the price, and you can find further details and shop for it here:

9. Dreamfoam Spring Dreams

Dreamfoam Spring DreamsIf you’re looking for an innerspring mattress to outlast them all, the Dreamfoam Spring Dreams is the right choice for you. Unlike all the other mattresses covered in this top, this one is a flippable model, which works just as well on both sides, thus prolonging the lifespan of your mattress.

Similar to the other units we covered in this top, this one is a hybrid one, which has a base made from 660 individually wrapped coils, and two layers of memory foam padding on each side. Grace to this symmetric design, you can flip it over to the other side every other month to ensure that the coils don’t lose their elasticity too soon.

The product comes with a 10-year warranty and is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen and King sizes. It measures 10” in height, being rather high compared to most of the same price alternatives. Check this mattress out here:

10. Classic Brands Advantage

Classic Brands AdvantageAnother Classic Brands product, the Advantage offers a great value for the price. You’ll get a hybrid mattress, comprised of one layer of metal coils and another one of memory foam, with a total height of 8 inches. Its low price is justified by the rather low profile of the mattress, and the 3-year only guarantee, compared to other Classic mattresses that have 10+ year ones.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to compromise any of the Classic quality. The innerspring layer has 768 coils made from 13-gauge wire, which make for a medium-to-plushy surface. They also do an excellent job in controlling motion transfer, so that each of the partners can get their relaxing night of sleep regardless of the other’s movements. The foam is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it’s safe to use indoors and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The coils are wrapped individually, to minimize the risk of them poking through the foam.
This mattress is available in all sizes except Twin XL, and can be found here:

Before hitting that buy button, you might need to know some details and information about innerspring mattresses. You might be already familiar with the things like coil count and wire gauge, but you probably don’t know how much of an impact does that have on the quality of your mattress. Let’s start off by defining the three layers any innerspring mattress will have:

1. The support layer, also known as the base, is the layer which contains the metal springs or coils and acts like the sturdiest and most supportive one. This layer can be enforced with hundreds, and sometimes thousands or metal springs; important details to look for are the number of coils inside the mattress and the thickness of the wire used, also known as the gauge. It’s also important to look for individually isolated coils – this will minimize the risk of them puncturing the next layer.

2. The comfort layer is usually made from visco-elastic foam, gel-infused foam, or latex. These materials offer the mattress a soft and springy surface, which makes it ideally comfortable. Cheaper units may be padded with polyester, cotton, or polypropylene. However, these are not as elastic as foam and latex and will form pits rather quickly.

3. The cover, which ties together the other two layers. Also known as Ticking, the cover is usually made from polyester and can have all sorts of elegant patterns on it. For a healthier, but more expensive alternative, you can look for something that comes with a natural cover – made of cotton, wool, bamboo fibers, or the like. That will also minimize static issues.When looking for the perfect innerspring mattress, the essential part you should be looking is the quality and quantity of the coils. Again, this implies several aspects, such as:

4. Coil count. This refers to the number of metal springs in the mattress, and usually varies between 400 and 800 for a mid-range unit, going up to 2000 for premium models. The number of coils also depends on the size of the mattress – naturally, a Twin bed will have fewer coils, and a Queen will have more, without altering the density and firmness of the model. The number of coils directly influences the firmness of the mattress – the more of them, the firmer the mattress, and the fewer, the plusher and softer it will be. It’s best to go for one that has between 500 and 700 coils. Anything below that will be too soft for the average person, and anything above can already be considered orthopedic grade support.

4. Coil gauge. This is the other aspect that influences the firmness and quality of the mattress. The higher the figure, the thinner the wire is. This may be confusing at first, as we naturally think that the bigger the number, the thicker it should be, but for wire gauge, it’s the other way around. Mattress manufacturers will use coils with a gauge between 12 and 18. Choose something closer to 12 if you need or prefer a firmer mattress, and something around 15 if you like a soft, plushy bed. Anything above 15 will be extremely bouncy and soft, and, naturally, will have a lower lifespan.
The coil gauge influences the longevity of the mattress as well, as the thinner wire will adapt to the body weight faster, creating pits on the surface of the mattress. The thicker it is, the sturdier the support and the longer your mattress will serve you.

Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the isolation of the coils. One of the most frequent issues that happen to innerspring mattresses is protrusion – in other words, the coils poke through the top layer and out of the cover, making it impossible to sleep on the mattress. Modern models will have the coils isolated in various ways, including:

1. Open coils, also known as Bonnell. Rather than spiral ones, these are very tight, hourglass shaped springs that are placed inside the mattress as they are, without any protective fabric around them. Grace to their shape, it’s less likely for them to pierce through anything, yet the support they provide is way less effective than that of other types of coils. While this is not exactly an isolation method, open coils are still shaped in a way that reduces the risk of poking. However, the most used and common ones are the following three.

2. Offset coils. These are very similar to open coils, both in shape and construction, but they are connected to one another using a hinge, which makes them more resistant and less likely to damage the upper layers.2.

3. Continuous coils. Just like the name suggests, these are traditional, spiral-shaped coils, that will be made from one single piece of wire. In other words, a very long piece of wire will be running through your mattress and form the coils, meaning there are no edges that can poke through anything, to begin with.

4. Pocket springs. This is the most common type of coils you’ll find on the market nowadays, and nearly all of the mattresses in our Top 10 have this type of springs. Each coil is individually wrapped in a fabric pocket, thus ensuring that edges stay in place.

5. Customized technology. Some manufacturers invent their strategies when it comes to creating isolating their innerspring cores. Some have suggestive names, such as Comfort Bedding’s Verticoil, and will usually be explained in the description of the product. Don’t hesitate to inquire the seller if your product of choice has any uncommon coil technology.

To sum up all the information, there are several things you need to remember when shopping for an innerspring mattress. One, pay attention to the coil count and wire gauge. A bigger number of coils and a smaller gauge figure will equal a firm mattress, while fewer coils and larger gauge figure will make a softer, plush mattress. Besides that, it’s better to choose a unit which has the coils wrapped individually in fabric, to avoid them poking through the upper layers. It’s also better to invest in a mattress which has a latex or foam top layer, than in one that is padded with cotton, polyester, or other non-elastic material.

If we were to point out the best innerspring mattress from our Top 10, we would recommend the Classic Brands Mercer. It wins in a lot of categories, coming with a rather big coil count (768), and using a rather strong wire gauge – 13. This makes the mattress borderline orthopedic, providing a sturdy support for you back and joint. Besides, the comfort layer is made from gel-infused foam, which is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material and prevents excessive heat retention. In addition to all that, each coil is individually wrapped in a fabric pocket, ensuring the longevity of the mattress. Bonus points: a 10-year warranty and a lot of sizes to choose from. This mattress will certainly pay off over time, offering you a relaxing and restful sleep for a very long time.