Best Floor Mattress Reviewed – Top 6 Rated Products for 2017

Most people have their mattresses placed on a frame, commonly known as their bed, which raises the mattress up from the ground for hygienic, aesthetic, and temperature reasons. However, as interior designs are becoming more and more minimalistic, placing the mattress directly on the floor, thus lowering the height of a standard bed and creating a unique visual appeal, has transformed into a real trend. Younger people, or those who are renting for a short period, might find it easier to purchase a mattress and place it directly on the floor, instead of looking for suitable bed frames as well. There are countless reasons why one might want to invest in a floor mattress, yet there are both pro and cons regarding that. In this guide, we’ll present you both the advantages and disadvantages of floor mattresses so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Here is our top 10 regarding the best quality, best rated and bestselling floor mattresses out there on Amazon. You can find items that fall into any price range, so you can certainly find one that will suit your budget and needs.

Top Rated Floor Mattresses for 2017


Lucid 4 InchThe LUCID 4-inch folding mattress is perfect for any situation where you might need a mobile bed. Camping, cabins, outdoor and indoor use – this mattress can do them all. It measures 4 inches in height, being the perfect size for using with folding beds. A mattress that is too thick will probably not work as well. This particular model is available in several sizes, from Twin to Queen, and has a unique construction that allows it to be used as a sofa as well. Just flip the 1/3 side on top on the bigger one, and you have a soft, plushy couch for hosting your guests.
The LUCID 4-inch is made from a sturdy layer of memory foam, which make a supportive surface for the sleeper’s back and joints. The material is also antibacterial and resistant to dust and mites, due to being rather dense.
This mattress also comes with a quilted removable cover, which can be laundered separately. It also has fitted handles on the side so you can move it around quickly. This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified as being free of harmful chemicals, and totally safe to use indoors and outdoors.
In addition to that, this mattress is also rather cheap, so that even a student can get it for their dorm. Check it out here:


Milliard 6 InchAnother trifold alternative, the Milliard is one of the best choices when it comes to firm and supportive floor mattresses. This particular one consists of two layers of high-density memory foam, which is CertiPUR-Us certified as being dust-mite resistant, Hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. Memory foam is also known to help with pressure point pain relief, spinal alignment support, and many other advantages – and, with this floor mattress, you need not purchase a full-sized one just to try out memory foam!
This mattress is ideal to use both as a floor mattress and a folding bed one, as it is the optimal height for both. The unit is available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, so as to fit a variety of needs. It also includes a jacquard bamboo fiber cover, which is fully removable and can be laundered separately.
Make sure you air dry this mattress as often as possible – it does have a perforated surface for better air circulation, but placing it on the floor for a long time will show some consequences over time. However, this unit is still great value for its price. Shop for it here:


Zinus SleepmasterZinus is a reputable brand when it comes to bedding accessories and mattresses, so you can be sure you’re purchasing from a reputable brand if you choose this product. The Sleepmaster 4-inch trifold is a folding mattress that measures 4 inches in height and is constructed similarly to they full-size mattresses. This one has three layers – the first one being a 1” memory foam, the second one being 2” of Viscolatex, and the third one 1” of base support foam. This construction ensures that you best the best from all these materials – temperature isolation from the base, sturdy support from the Latex middle and a soft surface to sleep on from the top memory foam layer.
As this mattress is infused with natural ingredients, it minimizes to some extent the risk of mold and mildew formation, as well as keeping other foul odors at a distance. It is also CertiPUR-US certified, so you can be sure that the manufacturer’s description is based off facts. Grace to the solid base memory foam, you’ll get a proper spinal support, as well as the inherent softness to sleep on.
This mattress in one of the best value deals on the market, and you can check out its latest price here:


Lucid SofaIf floor mattresses that double up as sofas have caught your eye, here’s another excellent option for you. The LUCID Sofa Mattress is a 4-inch folding mattress that can be folded into a sofa shape as well. It will be cheaper than a whole new sofa, and just as satisfying. If your guests decide to stay overnight, just pull the handless on this unit and transform it into a floor mattress for them to sleep on.
This unit is made of high-quality gel-infused memory foam, which is CertiPUR-Us certified as being safe to use indoors, free of harmful chemicals, and dust mite resistant. The gel beads inside the foam will ensure that the mattress does not overheat, preserving a pleasant temperature all throughout the night. This mattress is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes, and comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. The cover is removable and machine washable as well.
Find out more about this product here:


D&D Futon FurnitureThis unit here is more of a mattress pad than a floor bed, yet it can be used for Japanese-style sleeping on a futon. The D&D Futon Furniture is a tri-fold mattress padded with polyester, which provides some extra softness for the person sleeping.
Mind you, polyester does not offer as much support as memory foam, and this mattress will probably not work as well for a permanent bed as one of the previous units. However, it will probably work fine as a guest bed, camping accessory, or any other kind of temporary use. It also comes with a convenient black color cover, which won’t get dirty too quickly. The mattress itself is 3” thick and is better to be used in combination with an isolative layer of foam if placed on a cold floor. Only one size is available, measuring 3″ thick x 27″ wide x 75″ long.
Overall, this unit will provide you a decent quality, but if you’re looking for a permanent floor bed, we suggest you choose something else. Find this mattress here:


D&D Futon FurnitureHere’s a real Futon option for all of you who wish to try out the Japanese way of sleeping. This mattress is a rolling one, being, even savvier than the trifold ones we covered above. Unlike the previous D&D Futon, this one has multiple layers, which will help isolate the cold from the floor, provide a firmer support for your back and joints, and offer you the necessary softness. Despite the two different layers in it, this floor mattress measures only 3” in height and weighs less than 4 pounds. It’s great for overnight guests, camping, moving, even yoga training!
The combination of polyester and memory foam will act like your standard mattress, offering you both support and comfort. However, remember that these futons are meant to be placed on carpeted floor (in traditional Japanese homes, the floors are heated from underneath, and tatami mats are placed on them). If you plan to have the on the ground floor, directly on the wooden parquet, they probably won’t do much to isolate the cold.
Read more about this product here:


Magshion FutonIf you’re looking for a thicker floor mattresses, better suited for Western type lodging, the Magshion Futon Furniture may be worth a try. This mattress measures 4” in height, and the unique thing about it is that it comes is a huge variety of colors. While the design might not be the first thing you consider when buying a floor mattress, it’s still really nifty to find one that fits your overall room design.
Besides the variety of colors, this unit is available in several different sizes, including Twin, Full, and Queen. The mattress is a trifold type unit, that can be easily packed away and take with you on camping trips, or acting as a guest bed when necessary.
This mattress is padded with 1.2 lbs memory foam, which makes it rather soft. If you’re not a fan of very soft beds, you’ll probably find this one uncomfortable to sleep on. It’s also wrapped in a 100% polyester cover, which is non-removable.
This floor mattress is great value for the price, but might not be the best option if you’re looking for a permanent floor bed for yourself. Check it out here:


Sproutwise KidsIf you’re concerned about having an eco-friendly and health floor mattress for your little ones to sleep on, the Sproutwise Kids is certainly worth checking out. This unit is a tri-fold mattress, and is available in two different lengths – 25” and 27”. The mattress is padded with 100% organic natural latex, which meets all the compliance standards for infant and child mattresses in the US. It’s non-flammable, free of dangerous chemicals, all-natural and antibacterial. The cover is made from 60% natural bamboo fibers, is water and stain proof, and can be removed and laundered separately. With this mattress, you can take your little one anywhere with you, without worrying that the new sleeping surface will irritate his sensitive skin.
While this unit might not exactly apply to our notion of “floor mattresses”, it’s still a great portable mattress for your little one to check out. You can still place it on the floor for the baby or toddler to play on. Check the latest price for this product here:


Tri-FoldLooking for a high-quality mattress that can act as your permanent floor bed? The Best Price tri-fold mattress is the right choice for you. Unlike the other thinner alternatives we included in this top, this mattress measure 4” in height, and is comprised of two different layers of foam – a 1.5” CertiPUR-US certified memory foam top, and a 2.5” high-density one that acts as a base.
This unit can also be folded into a chair shape, so that you can also use it for sitting, in both outdoor and indoor surroundings. Unlike other models, this one also comes with a non-slip base, which will keep the mattress from moving around on the floor too much. It’s only available in one size, which is 75″ x 33″ x 4″, and comes with a 100% poly jacquard cover that is fully removable and machine washable.
You can check out further details about this product here:


Magshion FurnitureIf you consider that your house or camping site is warm enough to use a rolling futon, the Magshion Furniture unit right here might be a great option for you. Measuring 3” in thickness, this unit manages to include two layers inside it – a sturdy memory foam base layers, as well as soft cotton padding on the top to provide that extra comfort.
This unit is a rolling mattress, which is ideal for anyone who struggles with space and storage issues; it should take up more space than a small backpack or suitcase when folded up. It’s only available in one size, measures 3″H x 27”W x 80”L and weighs roughly 11 pounds. You can also find it in a wide variety of colors, to suit your personal tastes and home design. Check out the latest price for this product here:


Before proceeding to the purchase of your new floor mattress, it’s important to consider some of the essential do’s and don’t of keeping a mattress on the floor. Can you just place your average mattress on the floor and sleep on it just like that? Of course, you can, no one is going to stop you! If you consider all the safety, hygiene and cleanliness standards, you will sleep just as well on the floor as you would on a standard bed. That being said, you have to make sure that:

1. The floor portion where you plan to lay your mattress is clean. That implies vacuum cleaning it, wiping with a wet cloth, disinfecting if needed, using chemicals, such as bleach, to sanitize the area, etc… If you have a carpet, take it off and laminate the surface beneath it. Let dry completely before placing the mattress. Cleanliness is the essential aspect of keeping a mattress on the floor – if the space around it is not clean, you’ll be waking up with skin rashes, respiratory problems, and other issues in no time.

2. Clean and air dry regularly. You want to repeat the cleaning process – minus the bleaching and more aggressive steps – at least once a week. Moreover, you need to dry the air between the floor and the mattress to prevent odors and bacteria forming. Just lean it up against the wall during your weekly Saturday cleaning and you’ll be good to go.

3. If you don’t have a carpet in the room you’re planning to place your mattress, make sure you buy an additional layer of dense foam that will go between the floor and the mattress. That is necessary to keep the cold away, especially if you plan to sleep on the ground floor. Most mattresses are not designed to prevent the cold from getting to you, as they are meant to be placed on a bed frame. So, you need some good isolation material to be placed between your bed and the floor.

If you respect and follow these rules, it’s highly likely that your floor mattress will provide you a good quality, relaxing, and healthy sleep. However, there are several risks you’ll be taking, including:

1. You will be breathing in a lot more dust. If you’re allergic to dust, avoid sleeping on the floor at all costs, a lower bed means more dust particles are gathered on it, around the edges of the mattress, and inside the mattress itself. You cannot defy the laws of gravity – the lower the object, the more dust is going to pile up around it.

2. The risk of encountering an unpleasant insect guest in your bed will be higher. Ants, spiders, roaches and other kinds of bugs will seldom bother to climb a high bed stand plus a mattress to reach the surface you’re sleeping on. However, the floor is the area where they hang out the most, and climbing those couple of inches of mattress will be easy. You know that urban legend about swallowing around eight spiders in your sleep during your lifetime, don’t you? Well, with the mattress on the floor, you’re probably doubling up that number.

3. If you live in Asia, Australia, or just any wet and hot climate, the chances are that even snakes can enter your house at night. You don’t want to wake up next to that.

4. Speaking of hot and humid climates, you might think twice about placing your mattress on the floor if you live in such an area. The humidity also tends to gather close to the floor level, causing your mattress to develop mold or an unpleasant mildew smell. Besides being a huge health threat, causing respiratory infections and such, the humidity will drastically decrease the lifespan of your mattress.

5. The cold will get to you easier than if you were sleeping on a high bed. Naturally, even if you place an isolation layer between the two, you can’t beat the fact that a cold floor will transmit the temperature to the mattress as well. This can cause a lot of health problems, from the most common runny nose and flu to pneumonia and even tuberculosis.

There are two main types of floor mattresses. It’s important to decide on one of them before hitting Amazon in search of the perfect one:

1. Folding mattresses, which are also known as tri-fold, are the most common choice regarding floor bedding. As the name suggests, the can be folded and tucked away easily and will work perfectly for situations when you have overnight guests. You can either lodge them directly on the floor or, if you have a folding bed, place the mattress on the bed and let them enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. This might work as a rather short term bed for yourself a well – for instance, for a student accommodation.
Folding mattresses are usually made from some kind of sturdy foam material, but the best choice is memory foam. They are also rather small, usually Queen size and under, so as to accommodate the most common sizes of folding beds.

2. Rolling mattresses, also known as Japanese beds or tatami floor mats. Instead of folding, these can be tucked away neatly by rolling them. They are compatible with futons, folding beds, etc…, but might not work as well if placed directly on the floor. They resemble more a mattress topper or pad, and can also be used like that. They tend to come in bigger sizes such as Queen and King and are made from soft, plush padding, such as cotton or polyester. Some may come with an added layer of foam for extra comfort.

As a conclusion, we’d like to let you know what the number one floor mattress is in our opinion. From all the products we included in this Top 10, the best value, regarding the quality/price balance, would be the Milliard 6-inch trifold. If you wish to place a mattress directly on the floor and sleep on it, there’s nothing better than a thick, sturdy memory foam one. You also have a removable cover to go with it, which can be laundered in the washing machine for that extra cleaning we were talking about. However, if your needs and preferences differ, you can go for any other product on our list – we guarantee that they are all verified, high-quality products.