Best Bunk Beds – Top 5 Choices of 2017 Reviewed

A bunk bed is a great invention that can solve the problem of too little space in a room. For families with more than one child, or for students’ dorms, summer camps, hostels, or any other collective sleeping situations, bunk beds are great space savers. It’s also fun for kids, as they usually enjoy the experience of sleeping in the same room with their siblings until they understand the concept of privacy.

For those who are unfamiliar with the notion, bunk beds are units comprised of two beds on top of each other, connected through a pillar-like structure. The second “floor” can be reached easily by climbing a ladder, which always comes with the bed. Some of the more expensive units will also come with storage space, such as drawers, trundles, etc… There’s a bunch of brands and types to choose from on the market, and you can easily get lost if don’t know exactly what you want. To help you out with that, we’ve put together a list of the most popular and high rated products on Amazon, that will help you choose exactly what you need.
Here are the Top 5 of the best quality bunk beds you can shop for on Amazon:

1. Bedz King Twin Over Twin With Stairway
This unit is great if you’re looking for great versatility and a lot of storage space built into the unit. The Bedz King Twin Over Twin With Stairway is made from solid wood, has an incorporated staircase, and comes in three different models and several colors.
The first model you can get has three drawers integrated neatly in the stairs, and an extra shelf built into the side. The second one has two additional rolling drawers underneath the lower bunk, and the third one comes with a full-fledged trundle under the bottom bed. If you’re purchasing this for your kids, the second model should be enough for them to keep a couple of clean bed sheets and towels, and the drawers in the stairs should be enough for their clothes. This bed is indeed a closet in disguise – you might not even need a separate unit for storage in the kids’ room.
You can find this bunk bed in two color variations – light and dark, and it is made from solid Brazilian pine. The bunk beds com in Twin sizes, making them the perfect size for both children and adults. The unit comes without the mattresses.
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2. Donco Full Over Full With Trundle
If you’re looking for a more traditional alternative, the Donco Full Over Full with trundle should be the best option for you. This bunk bed comes in a larger Full size and features a ladder connection instead of a staircase. However, the extra space is also present in the form of the trundle underneath the bottom bunk.
Much like the previous unit, this bed is made from solid pine wood and comes in two different finishes – Cappuccino and Espresso. The overall size of the unit is 62” high x 78.5” long x 59” wide. The rollout trundle makes a great addition, and this unit is perfect for sleepovers or just playtime for your little ones. The bed comes without mattresses.
This unit is tested and certified by CSPC and ASTM as meeting all the safety standards the US has regarding beds. Price-wise, it is somewhat close to the previous unit and is still a great value if you don’t need the extra storage.
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3. Stork Craft Long Horn
If you’re looking for unique colors and a very ergonomic construction, the Stork Craft Long Horn might be the perfect bunk bed for you. The thing that strikes you in the first place when looking at this unit is its pink color – which probably makes it a hit with little girls and their sisters. However, if pink is not your kids’ thing, there are also cherry, white, and espresso variations for a classier aspect. The beds are both Twin size, and another spectacular thing about this unit is that you can detach the upper bed and transform your bunk into two full-fledged beds. When the kids grow up, and you feel like they need separate rooms, there’s no need to look for new beds – just detach the ladder and upper bed, and you’re ready to go.
When fully assembled, this unit measures 61.3” high x 78.3” long x 42.5” wide. It also meets or exceeds the CSPC and ASTM safety standards.
When it comes to the price, this unit is rather cheap compared to the previous two. However, it’s still a great option if you don’t need extra storage or any other additions but still, wish for a bed that will last you a while.
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4. Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full
If you’re not too fussy about the fancy aspect of solid wood and tons of storage space, the Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full is worth a look. If you have two kids, one older than the other, this bed might be a great choice as well, as it has an upper Twin bed and a Full bottom one. The frames are made of metal and come in three different colors – Black, Silver, and White. The bed also comes with a generous gap underneath the bottom bunk, so you can even purchase a trundle to place underneath it.
The upper bed is secured with full-length guardrails so that the person sleeping on the top can feel sure, even if they toss and turn a lot in their sleep. The beds are connected with a metal ladder on the side.
Metal frame bunk beds cannot be separated into two beds. This is also the with the Dorel Home Products Twin Over Full. But, at such an affordable price, it would be a crime to ask for more.
Overall, if you’re not too fussy about the aspect or the design of the kids’ room, this bunk bed is an excellent budget choice. Shop the latest price for it here:

5. DHP Twin Over Twin
If you have twins, or if your little one likes to have a friend sleep over at your house often, the DHP Twin over Twin is a great value bunk bed. This unit consists of a metal frame and two Twin sized beds connected with a ladder structure. The bunk bed doesn’t have any storage, but there’s enough space underneath the bottom bunk to place an extra trundle. The metal frame comes in three different colors – Black, Silver, and White so you can customize it to some extent as well.
The fully assembled unit is 62” high x 78” long x 42” wide, and the two beds have weight limits. The top bed has a 200lb weight limit, and the bottom one has a 225lb one. The top bed in not detachable.
Much like any other metal frame bunk bed, this unit is perfect for anyone who is one a budget and is not too fussy about the aspect of their bunk bed. If you’re only planning to use it for a couple of years until the kids grow up to have their separate rooms, this unit is a great choice.
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When shopping for the perfect bunk bed, it’s important to set out several priorities. The most important one when it comes to beds would be the size. If you already have mattresses, you need to buy a bed that is the same size. If you don’t, you have to decide on a size. When it comes to bunk beds, you have three main size options:

1. Twin over Twin. The smallest bed size in the US, the Twin bed (39”x 75”) is perfect for a child or even an adult. Although it can get pretty crammed if the adults sleeping in it is taller than 5.5 feet, this is still a great choice if you’re after a budget solution for temporary guests.

2. Twin over Full. This type of bunk bed is comprised of a Twin size on top (39” x 75”) and a Full size for the bottom (54” x 75”). This construction is ideal for families with two kids, one older and one younger one, which is both willing to share a room and a bunk bed. As the upper bed is smaller, it’s also usually protected by safety rails, to prevent the younger one from falling and hurting themselves.

3. Full over Full. This construction includes two Full-sized beds (54” x 75”) and is the most common size they have in hostels. This type of bed is perfect for adults as well and can be used as a guest bed as well. It’s a perfect addition for sleepovers, so your teenage child, or even yourself, can host home parties and share the room with their friends. Of course, no one will stop you from buying a Full over Full for your little ones as well!

Besides the size, there are also differences in the construction of a bunk bed. The main aspects they can differ in are the ladder or stair connection, and the lack or presence of storage space.

1. Bunk beds with storage
The most common type of storage included in these units is drawers – they can be tucked into the stairs in some units, or under the bottom bunk. Both of these variations can be checked out on the Bedz King Twin Over Twin With Stairway. These units can also have shelves incorporated into the side of the staircase. Some more expensive models may even come with a whole closet under the stairs, which will probably be a great hit with kids for playing hide and seek (and also bring that Harry Potter vibe.)

2. Bunk beds with stairs

Usually, this type of bunk bed is the one that is paired with storage. They are also more pleasing in terms of aspect and design, and also provide more safety for the one climbing to sleep on the upper bunk. Ladder models are usually inexpensive, but beds with stairs are often prized for their stylish aspect, safety, and convenience. Stairs are also a great addition for hiding the storage space – you can tuck drawers and shelves into them, so it acts like a little extra closet for the people sleeping on it.

3. Bunk beds with trundle

The bunk beds with trundle have an extra sliding bed underneath the lower bunk. It can be rolled out and you can place an extra mattress on it so that your little ones can host an overnight guest. However, these trundles can also be used as storage space if no mattress is placed there, and you can keep a lot of bed sheets, towels, or any other stuff in there.

In addition to these essential aspects, there are also common characteristics to take into consideration, such as:

1. The material
Bunk beds come in two different materials – solid wood and metal. A metal frame is very lightweight, compact, easy to install and uninstall, and is extremely durable. However, they can look pretty odd if they don’t match the design of the room. To tell the truth, many people would associate them with summer camp or hostel beds, and not always in a right way. Solid wood has a more pleasant look, and smell to it looks gorgeous and imposing and can come in a variety of colors and finishes. With metal, it’s usually only 3 – white, black and silver. However, wood bunk beds can be pretty heavy so they might not work well for a bedroom that is on the upper floor of the house or in an apartment.

2. The color
The bed frame can be painted in any color you wish – both before being shipped or even as a DYI project. For those who don’t want to spend too much time customizing their beds, most units come in several color choices from the start. For wooden units, you usually have standard wood finishes, such as cappuccino, espresso, etc… You can find both dark and light natural colors. Some do offer more appealing alternatives, such as pink and cherry so that you can customize your bunk beds to the maximum. Metal frames come in black or white, and some have a silver color option as well.

3. Can it split into two?
If you’re paying a pretty high price for your bunk bed, it’s better to look for one that has a detachable top bed. These units will usually be made of wood and will have some joint where the upper bed can be detached and used independently. While the most important mission of bunk beds is to save space, the kids will naturally grow up and request to have their room and privacy at some point. When that time comes, it’s better to have a bunk bed that can be split into two, so you don’t have to invest in a whole new unit. This feature also doesn’t make much of a difference to the price of the unit.

4. More about the size
You’re probably already familiar with the standard US bed sizes such as Twin or Full, but in the case of bunk beds, there are also several other measurements that should be taken into consideration. For once, it’s the height of the unit – you should ensure that it will fit properly in the room you’re planning to put it in. If the bed has any additional stairs and storage on the side, don’t forget to take that into consideration. To make your task easier, many manufacturers will already have the measurements of the fully assembled unit.

This would be everything you need to know before hitting Amazon is the search of the best bunk beds for your little ones or guests. If we were to make a recommendation regarding the best bunk bed out of the Top 5 mentioned in our list, we’d point to the Bedz King Twin Over Twin With Stairway without any doubt. It’s a very customizable model, which has three structures you can choose from depending on your needs. Regardless of the model you want, you have enough storage space in the drawers and shelves that are built into the stairs to keep clothes, towels, or bed sheets. You can also opt for the version that has a trundle if you wish to have the extra bed you can roll out for sleepovers. In addition to all that, the unit is made of solid wood and is available in two different colors. It does come at a pretty high price, though, but it will be worth every penny.
We hope this guide helped you decide on the type of bunk bed you need for your family and household.