Best Baby Cribs With Reviews for 2017

Baby cribs, also known as cot beds, are available in diverse styles and finishes that would match your home’s design. You can look for ones which have a contemporary design, or others that maintain the traditional aspect being in such colors as white, black or other interesting shades.
When choosing a new baby crib, there are many factors which you should consider. You can find a suitable one easily, either in a local store or online.

These reviews will help you to see a range of baby cribs which are some of the most top-rated products on the market. They will help you see the differences between other types of cribs and will lead you toward the most suitable model for you which would include all the needed features at an acceptable price.

DaVinci – Kalani

DaVinci KalaniThe Davinci cribs have been over 25 years on the market and are known as the producers of ones of the best cribs in the world.

The Davinci Kalani is made of pine that grows in sustainable New Zealand’s forests ensuring its durability and good quality. It meets the safety standards of ASTM and CPSC and is GREENGUARD Gold certified, proving that this product is made from natural materials only, without containing harmful chemicals.

You can choose this crib in seven different colors: cherry, chestnut, ebony, espresso, gray, honey oak, and white. The paints are finished in more steps with non-toxic elements that are lead and phthalate safe.

This bed has four different modes. It converts to toddler bed, daybed and a full-sized bed, but the accessories for the full-size bed are sold separately. However, the accessories for toddler conversion come with the package. The mattress can be regulated to 4 different height levels.

At a convenient price, you can buy the package with an included mattress. The manufacturer offers extended warranty for a little extra fee above default one-year, which is worth if you want to maintain the free support of your crib in the following years. With this product, which is high quality, reliable and safe, you cannot go wrong. You can shop for it here:

 Delta Children – Canton

Delta Children CantonThe Delta Children – Canton is a 4 in 1 crib that comes with the necessary kits for converting it into either a toddler bed, daybed or full-size bed. The package includes the daybed rail, toddler guardrail with full-size bed headboard and footboard. However, the crib conversion rails don’t come in with this package, and you must search for them separately.
The baby crib allows three levels of mattress height adjustment. The bed can be easily assembled with the included tools, without any prior specific knowledge.
This product meets the JPMA certification and the standards of ASTM and CPSC. The crib features a solid wood construction, which looks elegant and stylish.
One downside could be its limited availability in colors which comes in black, espresso cherry and dark cherry. However, that shouldn’t be a big problem, because even with such choice of colors it would fit aesthetically in any room. This model is a classy choice that comes with almost all accessories included, which is quite rare on the market. Such a crib would suit any nursery with its stylish look and sustainable design. You can shop for it here:

Stork Craft Tuscany

Stork Craft TuscanyThis is another baby crib which can be converted in 4 different stages. This bed comes with a toddler bed rail, however without full-size bed rails, which can be separately acquired at a convenient price online.
This item is JPMA certified and stable due to its stationary sides and durable, as it’s made of solid wood. It is possible to adjust the height of the platform on three different levels.
The baby crib is made of non-toxic finish and can be chosen either in black, dove brown, espresso, gray, white or cherry color.
The manufacturer offers one year warranty and the eligibility for changing its parts for free.
At an affordable price, Stork Craft Tuscany set comes all in one kit that could be hardly conquered by anyone. You can shop for it here:

Graco Freeport

Graco FreeportThe Graco Freeport Convertible Crib comes at a quite affordable price and is not inferior in quality to other products from our list. It can be converted to four different stages and has a three height level mattress adjustment. It doesn’t include a toddler bed guard rail, or a mattress or a bed frame. Despite that, you can purchase these accessories conveniently online. The exclusion of such accessories is the reason for its lower price, which allows you to upgrade it regarding your taste.

The crib meets the JPMA certification and the ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Also, it includes a one year warranty. You can choose this item from a range of colors such as whitewash, cherry, black, espresso, white and pebble gray.

Freeport is one of the most popular companies when it comes to baby products, which have satisfied many customers. With their product, you can be sure you won’t go anywhere wrong, especially if you are searching for an affordable crib, which has all the basic features one should have. You can check its latest price here:

Dream On Me – Classic

Dream On Me ClassicThis option is a good budget alternative that features three convertible stages. It can be converted to toddler day bed and daybed. The toddler rail doesn’t come in with the package, but you can find such piece in many stores at a relatively low price.

This unit is made of solid pinewood and features locking wheels for safety. You can choose this baby crib in 5 different colors such as white, black, cherry, espresso and natural for any preferred fashion. All the finishes are non-toxic, being CPSC certified.

This product has a 3-height level adjustable mattress and requires assembly, which can be easily done by two people in a half of an hour. The tools for assembly come in the package. If you are searching for a basic baby crib, yet at an affordable cost and excellent quality, the Dream On Me Classic would be number one in its category. You can check its actual price here:

When considering a new baby crib, you should take into consideration that they belong to the category of expensive nursing furniture. There are different baby cribs, which can be found ranging from $150 to $400 both in stores and online. Of course, the prices also depend on the popularity of the manufacturer, but despite that, there are features which you should look for when buying that will be introduced to you below.

• Are you looking for a convertible crib?
Some convertible cribs have the functionality to be converted in 4 different modes. They are meant to accompany your child along the passing years, and throughout the time they can be converted to a toddler bed, daybed and a full-size bed. These types of beds are ones of the top-rated and expensive products due to their functionality, which makes them worth the investment considering that they would serve you longer than a decade, compared to traditional baby cribs. These features should be mentioned in the product’s description. Alternatively, if you already have a full-sized bed for your child or you prefer some other type of bed, you could get a 3 in 1 crib, which would have the same functionality but will not support the transformation into a full-sized bed. One way or another, there is plenty to consider when choosing a convertible crib, but following the needed aspects, you can find one which will suit you throughout the required period.

• What about the toddler bed and full-size rails?
If you decide upon a convertible bed aiming to transform it into a toddler bed in future, you would need to consider different sets of rails. Such tracks are also known as toddler bed rails and full-size rails. The rails for toddlers are optional and not compulsory for the procedure of conversion to a toddler bed. These rails do not have the length of a full bed and are much lower. Usually people add them to their shopping cart if they want to remove the larger safe rails, but still, want to keep the infant safe through lower rails. You will need full-size bed rails to convert the bed into the last stage. This can be done quite easily; the rails are like oblong frames, which you should attach to the first stage’s sides that will become the new footboard and headboard completing the final transformational step leaving you with the new bed.

• Does the baby crib meet the Certification Standards?
It is essential to ensure that the product you are buying is safe, especially in the case of baby cribs. The verification of the goods to meet the State, Federal, and major retailers requirements are necessary for ensuring the good quality and safety of products sold inside the USA. When choosing a new baby crib, you should verify if it is CPSC certified, which stands for Product Safety Commission and refers to the safety of diverse juvenile products. Another certification which you should make sure to watch for is JPMA, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. The certification of ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials proves that the product has been tested to the highest category specific standards. When you read the description of baby cribs, verify that at least the ASTM or the JPMA and CPSC certifications are met.

• What about an adjustable mattress platform?
Being able to adjust the level of the crib mattress would ease the process of taking the babies out of bed and ensure their safety. It is nice to have a baby crib feature that would allow to gradually lower the level of the mattress. This would be essential to assure that the growing child won’t be able to jump out of the crib and will also ease the access to them. Usually, the adjustable mattresses can be easily repositioned due to the fixing at the base and pre-drilled holes which would allow regulating the desired height of the mattress.

There is a diversity of baby cribs available on the market, some having extra features at some additional fee and some maintaining the basic functionality. When choosing a new baby crib, you should make sure to consider if you need a convertible one and with how many stages. Still, with these features, you can find great cribs which would include all the necessary accessories at a good price. Don’t forget to consider the CPSC, JPMA and ASTM standards for safety guarantee as well. Considering all the important aspects mentioned in this guide, you will certainly find a suitable baby crib for your nursery very quickly.