Best Adjustable Beds

Modern technology has improved our life from many perspectives, including such inventions as the electric adjustable beds. These beds possess some smart features, due to their ability to change their shape into a more comfortable form, unlike the traditional flat models. Since their apparition, they have become quite popular, what lead to an expanded production and their affordability nowadays. Even if they are a little more expensive than other types of beds, being available online and reasonable priced, they deserve the investment to attain a place in any household.
Before diving deeper into the types of adjustable beds, defining their potential and their advantages and disadvantages are essential.

An electric adjustable bed is also known as reclining, electric, zero gravity and hospital bed for home use. The design of such type of beds allows elevating and adjusting the sleeping surface with the help of special controls to customize the needed lying position. With the help of these options, one can elevate either the lower or the upper body area, or even both of them simultaneously to experience the zero gravity effect. This design allows the user to fit their needs, either for the moments they wish to read a book, have an injury which requires a special position for more comfort or relax the lower back by suitably elevating the surface of the bed. Adjustable beds are set in motion and controlled by a hydraulic motor that is powered by electricity.

The reviewed adjustable beds are some of the top-rated products on the market. They are also selected regarding quality, price, and features. These reviews should help in understanding the concept of electric adjustable beds better, and give an insight into what kind of bed is the most suitable option for you.

1. Leggett and Platt S-Cape
This electric adjustable bed is one of the most popular choices on the market, which has been implemented by many manufacturers into many combination sleep systems.
The bed comes in with two 12-inch thick memory foam mattress, featuring 5 memory foam layers, which are resilient enough with improved airflow for a suitable relaxing experience.
The Leggett and Platt S-Cape includes two wireless remote controls which allow controlling each of the two beds separately.
This unit features massage for upper and lower body, and wave massage, which can be regulated using the remote control. It also has the option to program two custom memory positions.
This bed can lift in total about 700 pounds and be adjusted in hundreds of positions.
With the Wall hugger technology, you can be sure that this piece will offer you a high-class experience.
The bed is made in the USA and certified by CSA as meeting the applicable electric motor standards. The manufacturer offers a 30 years limited warranty, which makes it a good deal at its price. It is also delivered for free anywhere in the country.
The price includes the setup. However, you can purchase this product at a lower price without the included setup. For the user’s convenience, the instructions manual comes with the package.
This product is a top seller when sold independently, but this unit has hardly any rivals when the mattress is combined with the S-Cape. You can view its latest price and shop for it here:

2. Reverie 7S
The Reverie 7S has a modern deck-on-deck design featuring a strong and ultra-quiet motor that can lift up to 850 pounds. This product is available in almost any size and offers the adjustment of practically any position you desire.
The 7S has two memory positions and offers quite a massage that has 10 diverse intensity levels. It emulates the zero gravity effect that can be controlled with a wireless backlit controller. The bed also features the wall hugger technology and an anti-snore button.
This unit fits almost any standard bed frame and has 4 corner retainer bars to keep the mattress in a stable position.
A great feature of this product is that it can be used with an app. There is an app for Android and for Apple devices that can be used to control the bed remotely from your smartphone or tablet. You can also synchronize the base mattresses to function simultaneously having such technology at hand.
This adjustable bed has a limited warranty of 20 years and is made in the USA. If you wish, you can also choose the white glove delivery service. Shop for it here:

3. Serta Motion Essentials II
Serta is a tough competitor and better known for producing ones of the best mattresses in the world.
The bed can lift up to 650 pounds, including the mattress. It has head and foot motors that can be lifted gradually while articulating.
This product comes at a quite fairly cheap price. The given price is not because of the cheap parts, but because the producer has excluded such advanced modules as Bluetooth and massage technology, maintaining the basic functionality. It has 4 buttons wired remote that would help you to adjust the required position.
The unit has an anti-movement bar for mattresses to be adapted with the base. If you want, you could also upgrade it by adding some headboard brackets or casters at an extra price.
The Serta Motion Essentials II is an electric adjustable bed which has the basic functionality, is affordable and good quality. If you don’t need any special add-ons, this bed would be a perfect choice. You can check its actual price here:

4. Leggett and Platt ShipShape
If you are searching for a budget, but good quality and functionality adjustable bed, Legget and Platt ShipShape may work well for you.
You can choose from two sizes, either Twin XL or Queen, which should fit most of the customers.
The bed has a dual motor for head and foot adjustments, which has a quiet mechanism. It can lift up to 425 pounds and can be controlled by a wired remote.
This unit can be assembled without the need of white glove delivery due to its frame, light motors and moving base that makes it easy to build and install
This bed doesn’t feature the wall hugger technology, programmable memory positions or massaging, which makes it not the number one product on the scene, but a worthy investment regarding its price and basic functionality. You can check its latest price here:

5. Primo International Fleet
The Primo International Fleet is one of the most basic adjustable beds on the market, yet with a solid design and at an affordable price.
This bed is available in Twin XL and Queen sizes and can lift about 300 pounds. There is still no released King size, but you can achieve this size by placing two Twin XL’s side by side. Be careful, because this product includes only the adjustable bed frame, without the mattress.
The bed has two motors for adjusting the head and foot that can be regulated with the help of a wired control.
The package doesn’t include any casters to move the bed easily, or a special mechanism for that. Despite that, it can be easily moved around the room. This unit also doesn’t support the attachment of headboards or rails, but in its essence, it is a basic option that provides the standard features at a very convenient price. This adjustable bed is a worthy option considering if you need a simple adjustable bed frame, which would serve you many years. You can shop for it here:

Some of their advantages include:

1. Comfort
Adjustable beds are extra comfortable, not only for those with mobility issues and elder people but also for those with body aches and pains. Due to its special feature that allows customizing the elevation degree in specific zones to offer the needed comfort in the required body area, these beds are great to have in your household regardless of the situation.

2. Easy Positioning
Sometimes it can be quite difficult for some people with knee or hip pains to get out of bed easily. Due to the adjustable design, the bed can be elevated to an upright position, which will allow the person to step in or out of bed much easier. For some situations like assisting somebody and offering care, it would be more comfortable to make contact with the person in an upright position than a flat one.

3. Relaxation
Many people may think that these beds are specially designed for the elder or injured people. This assumption is not quite right because the adjustable beds have gained popularity with all types of consumers. Some find it useful to elevate it from the back and work from home, watch TV or read without the necessity of using more pillows or other kinds of support.

4. Relocation
Adjustable beds may weigh about 150 pounds due to their metal frame and motor. The more qualitative versions of adjustable beds come in with casters that make their relocation around the room or home much easier.

5. Rent
The electric adjustable beds have many similarities with those from hospitals, which have mostly the same functionality and would comfort the elderly or the people with specific injuries. The rental of these beds, even at a convenient price, could cost around $150. Even if you would acquire one of the top-rated beds on the market, you will save some hundreds of dollars compared to renting one from the hospital.

6. Zero Gravity
By lifting the upper and lower body parts, a lot of downward pressure would be removed. Though an actual zero gravity bed is a fantasy, these beds reproduce quite efficiently the no gravity effect which is excellent for people who suffer from body pains. It applies a specific pressure point relieving neck, back, and hip pains.

Nonetheless, there are also certain disadvantages that should not be overlooked:

1. Price
Compared to other traditional beds such as platforms, bunks or four posters, these units are pricier, whether with an included mattress or without. However, an all-inclusive package is a better deal than acquiring the mattress and the bed separately.

2. Mechanics
With the mechanical design, it is not excluded that something could glitch or get damaged. These problems could come with time, but the included warranty should be able to cover up the costs for any breaks.

3. Aesthetics
Some people wouldn’t like the metal bed frame and the four high legs, which could not fit one’s room. Those who do not enjoy the aspect could cover the surface with large flowing sheets.

Before buying an adjustable bed, you may consider some criteria for choosing a suitable model. There are types that vary much in design, and it is important to look out for each one carefully to make sure you didn’t miss any key features, which would decide upon the suitability of the bed in your case.

4. Adjustable Mattress
Not all adjustable beds come in with a mattress. Some beds are sold separately, and that should be stated in the description. If you decide to buy these units, not as single package, you should be sure that the chosen mattress would fit in size and be of an appropriate type for a smooth flexible action. Some may think that they require some special kinds of mattresses, but that is not true. One thing is that mattresses with springs should be avoided, because they are too rigid for the use on an adjustable bed. The best type would be a memory foam mattress, due to their flexibility, which would ensure a comfortable experience and long lifespan of the mattress.

5. Warranty
When buying a new electric adjustable bed, you would like to check if the manufacturer offers some warranty. Due to their mechanical functionality, the adjustable beds could require some fixing if something goes wrong with time.Assuring that the chosen bed has a warranty is important and, in the best case scenario, it should be nothing less than 10 years.

6. Remote Control
Any adjustable bed has an electrical motor, which is hidden under the sleep surface. The motor executes the given commands with the help of a controller that is included in the package. Different types of beds come in with different controllers – some are hard wired and some are wireless. It depends on the user’s preference what kind of controller is more favorable. However, there are controllers that offer more advanced options, such as being backlit and allowing the adjustment of such features as massage, or pre-set memory positions, which would be included with more advanced beds.

7. Wallhugger
The Wallhugger technology is a popular feature amid the adjustable beds, which is preferred by many users. Wall hugging can be observed during the elevation of the bed as it reverses and comes closer to the wall nearing the person on it to the bedside table, unlike the non-wall huggers that push away.

8. Lifting Capacity
Any adjustable bed for sale on the market should specify how much it can lift. The amount is commonly given in pounds and kilograms. Usually, the smaller sizes like Twin and Full can lift less than the King and Queen. It is worth noting that the more it can lift, the better, and that this figure usually includes the weight of the mattress as well.

The models listed above are ones of the highest rated products on the market, but they vary in price and functionality. There are many options to choose from, and some offer either wall hugger technology, massage feature or programmable memory positions. Some would like to pay extra and have them all while others would be satisfied with just the basic functions. Either one or another, the products in these reviews include all the essential aspects. If you still don’t know what type of adjustable bed you want, choosing one from this list following some of your preferences wouldn’t lead you anywhere wrong.